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More Is Less, Less Is More
A new study finds that eating less and exercising more is the best way to lose weight, but is there more to the story?

A Steady Sports Diet
Weight fluctuations harmful for the health of student athletes


What a Waist
42” +

America Expanding

Un-earning Your 'Stripes'
Stretch marks are almost a given for most moms, but is there an effective way to get rid of them for good?

Worth Your Weight
What incentives would it take to get you to lose a few pounds?

Back This Up
Eighty percent of Americans will suffer from back pain. Here's how to keep from being one of them

Waist Away
Put simply, your waist should be less than half your height. Focus on tightening your mid-section today not only to fit into your skinny jeans, but also to cut your risk for hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and cancer

Mommy’s New Body
Post-pregnancy fitness and weight loss is a tummy-focused event. Here’s how to set goals and regain pre-baby form

Beyond the Five-Day Diet
Eating right is easier during the workweek but once the weekend rolls around, all bets are off. Here’s how to live-it-up on the weekends without ruining your diet

Cut Down to Size
Weight loss surgery can change lives, but patients should be aware of its challenges and complications

Three Square
Skipping meals isn’t a good game to play for people looking to lose or maintain weight

Phone it in
A new study shows a telephone could be the secret to keeping weight off after it's lost

Getting Thin Under the Knife
Weight-loss doctor Carlos Carrasquilla, M.D. weighs in on the rise of obesity-related surgeries

The Do-Not-Eat List
Whether trying to lose weight or trying to keep illness at bay, knowing which foods should rarely cross your lips can help you achieve your goals

Snug as a Bug in a Yoga Mat
Exercise at home can be as beneficial as heading out the door or into the gym

Do Periods = Pig-Outs?
TV and movies show angry, premenstrual women with cravings for chocolate, pizza and more chocolate – but is PMS really a gateway to overeating?

Better Living Through Food
No meat, no dairy, no caffeine – nutrition expert Gary Null says living the best life requires a total diet overhaul

Avoid the Biggest Workout Blunders
Not enough water, too little stretching and lack of diversity top the experts’ lists of mistakes the amateur athlete makes when exercising

Winter-Proof Your Body Today
Hibernating and the holiday season are bad for the body - here’s how to get your body ready for winter

The Flat Pack
For gym rats looking for a flatter stomach, hitting the floor isn’t the only way to construct defined abs. Try swapping sit-ups for these simple exercises to build your core strength

The Flat Pack
For fitness seekers looking for flatter stomachs, hitting the floor isn’t the only way to build a sleeker belly. Try these simple exercises in place of sit-ups to build your core strength

Men In Search Of ‘Curves’
Women aren’t the only ones uncomfortable exercising in the company of the opposite sex, and several men-only clubs are helping them get in shape togethe

Weight Loss Surgery Safe for Older Overweight People

How Brown is Your Fat?
Recent studies show a possible link between brown fat cells and reversing obesity. What is the difference between brown and white fat cells, and what, if anything, can brown do for you?

Dial-In for Weight Loss
From high-tech “diet” phones to telephone wellness coaches, more people are using cell phones to get the 4-1-1 on their health

A Healthy Red Meat Revival
If the pleasures of red meat are just a memory as you try to trim fat and calories from your diet, you may be depriving yourself unnecessarily

A Dark Chocolate a Day
Eating 30 calories a day of dark chocolate is associated with a lowering blood pressure without weight gain. Choco-holics and fitness buffs, rejoice!

A Measure of Success?
With scales that promise to measure body fat, treadmills that give information about fat calories burned, heart rate and pedometers that measure every step, how accurate is the information and how can you chart your progress effectively?

Is Fat Our Fault?

Are We Programmed to Gain Weight?

How long does it take?

Well, What Do You Know?
It’s time for a check-up on your health and fitness savvy. Have you been keeping up? Look and learn

You Do Know How to Breathe, Don’t You?
According to doctors, most people breathe incorrectly. Learning the proper techniques can lead to fewer aches, pains and illnesses

Fight the Fat after ‘The Change’
Many women pack on the pounds after menopause, which is a dangerous time to lose health-control. Here’s how to combat mid-life weight gain, and some simple solutions to staying fit and trim

Deter Diabetes with Diet, Exercise
As the rate of diabetes in the U.S. continues to rise, now more than ever, experts say, you are what you eat

You Food: Use Your Melon
If you think this fruit is a summer lightweight, you’re not giving melons, including cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon, their nutritional due

What to Eat Today
Choosing what and when to eat is a daily struggle for most women – here’s how to get the most bang for your nutrition buck

Weight Loss Heart-to-Heart
Confronting a loved one’s obesity problem isn’t a simple conversation to start – here’s how to get them on track for good health without destroying the relationship

Avoid Portion Distortion
Only a half a cup of ice cream is one. A quarter cup of raisins is one, too. And butter? One is only a single tablespoon. Find out why serving size matters most

The Skinny on Being Thin
Big or small, bad health can plague any body type. So don’t be so smug if you’re slight, here’s what you need to know about staying lean right.

4 Simple Steps to Cutting 300 (or More!) Calories a Day
Nobody wants to diet, but everybody wants to drop a few pounds. Try these calorie-cutting tactics to slim your waistline without major sacrifice.

Back to Basics
Low-carb diets, fitness and all-out laziness may make you feel good in short-term, but all we really need to do to win the battle of the bulge is eat simply and move

Love (Yourself) After Weight Loss
After dropping pounds, many people have trouble seeing themselves – and their lives – as they really are