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Anti Social

Could your health benefit from a social media detox?
Be Nice, Kid

Bullying is a massive problem. What should parents do when their child is the bully?
The Science of a Good First Date

Researchers reveal 3 tips to a successful first date – and finding the right mate
4 Stress-Relieving Tips

Zen and the Dish Washer

Looking for calm at the end of the busy day? New research suggests that chore time is a perfect opportunity to find your inner peace
Southern Comfort: ‘American Idol’ Alum, Taylor Hicks

Baking Allergen-Free

For those with food allergies, making baked goods is getting easier all of the time. Here are a few tricks of the trade
Emotional Eating? Don’t Overdo It

Eating can make you feel happier in the short-term, but there are limits to the healing powers of food
Breakfast Is the Most Delicious Meal of the Day

Jamie Richardson, author of Celebrate Every Day (Skirt!, 2013), shares one of her favorite morning recipes
From Football to Yoga

Former NFL superstar, Eddie George, on discovering the physical and mental joys of yoga
Bringing Up Baby

Finding your way – with confidence – through your child’s first year
Tea Time!

Tea offers many health benefits – the ritual is one of them
10 Eats to Kick-Start Weight Loss

Food doesn’t burn calories or fat, but these healthy options will help any dieter stay on-track
Liar, Liar

Even the smallest non-truths can be a burden in relationships
6 Tips to Save More Money

The best-selling author and lead shark on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ has strong opinions on money management, a topic he thinks should be tackled starting early in life
Gold Medal Inspiration

Olympic champion Shawn Johnson has turned her attention to helping young women feel good about their bodies
6 Tips to Give Back

Giving back is good for your community and your health
4 Tips to Pick the Perfect Pediatrician

5 Tips to Decrease Food Waste

Shop smarter, plan better to save money and throw away less
Support for the Caregiver

Work flexibility, finances are top concerns for those providing care for loved ones
Get Angry

Happiness isn’t the only healthy emotion. Controlled anger has it’s health benefits, too
Family Matters

Teaching children about social responsibility is key to nurturing empathy
Born on the Bayou

Cajun style delivers jumbo flavor for low cost
The Dog Ate It!

Getting items removed from an animal’s gastrointestinal tract can be a trying – and expensive – ordeal
Hobby for Better Health

Starting a new hobby is good for more than passing the time – it can do wonders for the mind, body and soul. Learn why you should find a new hobby in 2014 and how to choose the right one
Turn Back Time

How to look younger than your age without purchasing a single anti-aging product
Be a Local Superhero

Volunteering isn’t just good for your community – it’s a positive influence on your health and happiness, too
Coping with the Loss of a Pet

When a non-human member of the family passes, dealing with grief is equally challenging
Health for Your 4-Legged Friends

Eating well is important for pets, too
Less Stress in 2 Minutes or Less

Simple solutions for finding inner calm – anytime, anywhere.
Salute Your Family Tree

Knowing more than just the ailments that run in your family could keep you healthy for years to come
BFF 101

How to make friends as an adult.
Feast on This

Still awaiting the fresh spring veggies? Try these five foods to escape a healthy eating rut.
Some Wrinkles In Time

Nobody likes looking older. Find out why our skin wrinkles and why we all hate it so much.
I Cookies/Brownies/Ice Cream/Love You

Tying emotions to food is a dangerous connection for parents to make for their kids
Where There’s a Will

Diapers? Check. Crib? Check. Will? For most new parents the answer is no, and not having one puts a child at-risk
Are You Keeping Something From Me?

Unearthing a hidden past can put a relationship at-risk, but experts say revealing those secrets the right way can lead to healing
How Not to Pick Your Poison

Choosing chemical-free, ‘green’ products isn’t as easy as reading labels, but doing the homework can result in better health
Just Try One Bite, I’m Begging You!

Parents struggle to get kids to eat new things, but it doesn’t always have to be a losing battle
A Bright Spot for Dark Chocolate

Eating 30 calories a day of dark chocolate is associated with a lowering blood pressure without weight gain. Choco-holics and fitness buffs, rejoice!
Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Greens?

Winter brings about a plethora of hardy greens to the shelves, but don’t overlook the other healthy color of the season
Stick A Pin It and Call Me In the Morning

From menstrual cramps to infertility to wrinkles, find out how and why some well-placed needles could be just what you need to get the power flowing
7 Tips for Better Sleep

Rest easy tonight with a few simple tips to fight insomnia
It’s the Most Stressful Time Of the Year

Lowering an elevated blood pressure or blood sugar can be as easy finding the right smell, taste or distraction
Thank You, Thank Me

Rarely do we say or express thanks to the many people that deserve it, even on Thanksgiving. Here’s how to let those that impact your daily life know you’re grateful
Age Appropriate

How to look good at any age
How To Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Knowing how to diffuse tension will keep the holidays merry and bright
Game, Set, Love Match?

Compatibility isn’t about loving the same movies – it’s about having similar values and desires
Get the Rubdown On Better Health

As it turns out, that romantic, stress-relieving backrub could cure what ails you
Ready, Set ... Romance!

Reconnecting after kids leave home can reinvigorate - and save - a stagnant marriage
Put Your Best Food Face Forward

Cucumber slices are an age-old remedy for puffy eyes, but hidden skin benefits exist in many of nature's finest crops
Living a Life of Leisure Amidst the Chaos

Feeling guilty about having fun when there’s so much to do? Don’t sweat it
Tips to Teach Teens to Give-Back

Getting teens involved in helping the community creates a lifetime of giving back
The Family That Gives Together

Teaching children about social responsibility is key to nurturing empathy
It's Uncanny

The delicious, healthy and budget-friendly benefits of cooking with canned foods
Love the Winter Skin You’re In

Here’s the proper way to pamper dry, cold-weather skin
Festive, Safe and Furry Fa-La-La-La-Las

Pet lifestyle expert & TV personality, Dara Foster, shares her top 10 tips for ensuring household critters have a happy, healthy holiday season
Good Doggy Diets

Scrimp on pet food? Vets divided
Tips to Avoid a Thanksgiving Feud

Here’s how to avoid getting into fisticuffs over family dinner
Get Crackin’

Fast and cheap, omelets to the rescue
Noodle Shop

Peruse the Asian aisle for pasta inspiration
What’s for Dinner?

Make a marinade and feast on tender beef
Soup Day

Comfort foods come but one time a year – now it’s here
Relaxation to Go

Simple solutions for finding inner calm – anytime, anywhere – when the days get shorter and stress levels go up
Navigating the Relapse

Tips to help a loved one cope with a repeat cancer diagnosis
School Lunches for the Kids, by the Kids

Experts say children learn more about food when making their own lunches
Something’s Fishy … In a Good Way

Study shows that regular use of fish oil supplements may reduce risk of breast cancer
Just Say No to the Suds

Less is more when it comes to washing dishes, clothing and the human body
Saving the World, One Drop at a Time

Solving the freshwater shortages we’re facing today starts in the home
Zumba Away

Latin dance inspires a popular fitness trend
It’s Getting Hot in Here

Keep it cool this summer season with these heat safety tips
Forgive, Even When You Can’t Forget

Holding grudges has a negative impact on the immune system
Kid & Play

Active families encourage children to get moving in their formative years – and beyond
Inexpensive and Gourmet Piled High On Two Slices of Bread

The humble sandwich elevates its game
Bad Bread or Good Croutons?

Don’t cry over stale bread – it’s the start of something big
The End of the Affair

Healing a relationship following infidelity takes honesty, a willingness to change and time
On Pins and Needles

Acupuncture gets straight to the point of pain relief
Fitness is fun(draising)

Exercise for a good cause is a workout everyone can champion
Surviving the Aftermath

The death of a spouse adds many difficult decisions to a time of grief - here's how to handle them
Life is Short, Eat Dessert First - and Second

'tis the season to eat sweets - the healthy way
Better Burgers on a Budget

Chef of $5,000 burger fame talks ground round
Roasted Winter Squash Risotto

A Hair Beyond the Blade

Smooth, hairless skin is in style. Bring on the options
Less Give, More Thanks

When the world is uncertain, there's no better time to be grateful for what you have - here's how to spread the love
Pamper Your Peds on a Shoestring

If your weekly mani-pedi an indulgence of the past? Get with a new program, at home
Shake On It

Worried about contracting swine flu but still looking for a job? Don't abandon the business handshake just yet
Safety First

Follow these safety tips to make sure Halloween isn't scarier than it should be
'Til Debt Do Us Part

Taking on shared debt before you tie the knot is a bad investment, experts say
Family Matters

Food expert, Ellyn Satter, says nutrition smarts for your brood starts with the basics - where, when and what's for dinner
A Party on Wheels

Biking isn't just about lessening your impact on the environment and increasing your fitness - it's about fun, too
Corn Syrup Commotion

Moderate heat can produce a potentially dangerous compound in high-fructose corn syrup, new research says
Gut Buster

Increased testosterone levels during menopause may cause a buildup of stubborn belly fat, new research says
Skipping Stones

Maintaining a healthy diet may help you avoid kidney stones

Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency are more common than ever before, yet studies suggest the nutrient may be a key in preventing a host of diseases later in life
You Snooze, You Lose

Poor sleeping habits can carry a lot more baggage than the ones under your eyes
Death - As Seen On TV

How to explain celebrity deaths to your inquisitive child
Get Me a Cancer Treatment, STAT!

A new study isolates a protein that turns healthy cells into cancerous ones
Crash Course

Anger behind the wheel often leads to accidents – here’s how to pump your brakes
To College, Without Breaking the Bank

One of the most important lessons college students learn comes outside the classroom: managing their newfound financial responsibilities
Supermom No More

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it' ... an unrealistic expectation of motherhood. Here are seven ways to let go of the supermom myth
Failure to Communicate

Doctors fail to report or document their findings of abnormal medical results in 1-in-14 cases
Armed and Ready

A new invention simplifies biopsy procedure
Wash Me

Cleaning fruits and vegetables is a must – even when shopping at a local farmer's market
Skin Beauty on a Budget

Experts' tips for gorgeous skin and makeup – without having to miss your mortgage payment
Flower Power

A little bedside botany may be just the thing to speed recovery
Happy Father's Gameday

This Father's Day, show Dad you care with a gift that will help improve his health and appeal to his competitive nature
Hair Beauty on a Budget

Experts� tips for gorgeous hair � without having to miss your mortgage payment
Sure It's Expired … But Is it Safe?

Use-by dates on foods and medicines often go ignored by consumers, but what exactly are the risks?
Jar No More

In an effort to save money and better control what their kids are eating, more parents are turning toward making their own baby food
Smells Like Adult Spirit

A new study finds teen angst can set the stage for health problems later in life
Worth Your Weight

What incentives would it take to get you to lose a few pounds?
How to Handle Workplace Worries

A murky job market means an increase in employee stress - here's how to stop worrying and learn to love your work
Parents ... Unite!

A new study finds that when mom and dad are on the same page, behavioral problems decrease
It's a Family Tradition

Rituals create certainty in these uncertain times
The Parent Trap

Bad eating habits begin at home - and so do changes to improve the family diet
Better Healthy Than...

Even when money is tight, health must remain a priority
Seven Tips For Better ZZZ's

Sleep on it tonight with a few simple tips to fight insomnia

Cheers to Your Health

A new study links moderate drinking to better health in seniors
Insulin and Cancer

Insulin levels tied to increased breast cancer risk
Vitamins with a Side of Vitamins

Fortified foods can lead to too much of a good thing - especially in light of recent findings about the efficacy of vitamins in disease prevention
Got Sick Kids?

Not all over-the-counter medicines are safe for children - here's how to play it safe and keep them healthy, too
Miracle Grow

New hair restoration treatments offer hope beyond the bottle
The Family that Rocks Together Stays Together

Music-making video games provide a stress-reducing outlet that can band together the whole family
The PMS Drag

Puffing could increase the prevalence of premenstrual syndrome
Run of the Pack

Clubs, animal shelters increasingly unite runners with dogs that are born to run
Smile for Baby

When there's a little one on the way, proper oral hygiene becomes more important than ever for women
Happiness Isn't a Warm TV

A new study finds people who read newspapers and socialize are happier than those who have a nightly date with the tube
New 'Pyramid' for Preschoolers

New government guidelines assist parents in getting kids the right foods
How to Say 'No Thanks' at the Holidays

Food is coming fast and furious - here's how to take a pass without hurting someone's feelings
Not So Free After All

Free drug samples drive up name-brand drug prescriptions, may cost the uninsured more
Escape Artist

A new book gives you the know-how to fly the coop at any age
Please Pass the Pears

Go healthy and go exotic with the Roasted Pear and Arugula Salad with Pomegranate-Chipotle Vinaigrette
Exercise in Disguise

New ‘exercise pill’ mimics fitness effects, but to what extent?
Belly Flop

A little extra weight around the middle isn't cause to buy new jeans - it's cause to rethink overall health
Rubbed the Right Way

As it turns out, that romantic, stress-relieving backrub could cure what ails you
Are You Raw?

Experts, devotees disagree on the actual health benefits gained from uncooked foods
Fury on the Field

Study connects angry soccer parents and road rage
On Pins and Needles

Acupuncture isn’t limited to the crunchy-granola set any more. From menstrual cramps to infertility to wrinkles, find out how and why some well-placed needles could be just what you need to get the power flowing
Pretty Money

'Cosmeceuticals' promise to turn back the clock on aging, but what's in that bottle anyway?
College Pep Talk

Preparing kids for academic success is more social than educational
You Food: Acai Berries

From an Amazonian palm tree found in the rainforests of northern Brazil to America's very berry sweetheart
I, Megaphone

Tired of feeling invisible? Learn to cheer on the confidence of an important person – yourself
Middle March

The journey to middle age doesn't have to begin with mid-section weight gain
Eating Under Peer Pressure

Who you eat with can have a big impact on how and what you eat. Here’s how to stay true to your healthy-eating plans regardless of the influences dining around you
I Love You, You’re Perfect … Now Just One Small Change

How to approach your partner about the little things that get on your nerves without causing a rift
Comforting … and Healthy, too!

Try these simple methods to modify your favorite guilty pleasures to make them both calming and delicious
Don't Touch Me

Germs are on every surface we skim - find out how to beat the bacteria through careful thought and preparation
Under 21

With graduation and summer vacation around the corner, parents look to set effective boundaries for teens and drinking
Face the Food

Cucumber slices are an age-old remedy for puffy eyes, but hidden skin benefits exist in many of nature's finest crops. Try these home remedies to get better skin the natural - and edible - way
More Bag for Your Buck

With the cost of groceries on the rise, American families are spending more than ever at the store. Here's how to cut back on big spending
Just a Teas?

Researchers still question the actual benefits of drinking tea, but tea lovers don't mind
Home Is Where the Heart Is

A new study shows that where you live can impact how frequently you exercise
Apology Accepted

Sometimes saying ‘I’m sorry’ without sincerity can make a bad situation worse – here’s how to admit a wrong the right way
Begin to Hope

Relatives of Parkinson’s sufferers are more likely to experience depression but experts say following these five tips offers many reasons for hope
Sleepy Time

Contrary to popular belief, Americans average as much or more sleep than they did 40 years ago
Phone it in

A new study shows a telephone could be the secret to keeping weight off after it's lost
Too Wired?

For some, technology makes living in the moment an insurmountable digital hurdle
Check Early, Save Your Life

Detecting colon cancer in the earliest stages increases the chances of survival dramatically. Here's what you need to know
Eats-inspired Spas

Hot new treatments add some culinary flair to relaxation
Celebrate Being Alone

Did Valentine’s Day put you in a lovelorn slump? Find out how to raise a toast to being single – and how to spread your love around
A Space of Your Own

Carve out a place to escape without going anywhere
I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Keeping your cool can be ineffective – and unsatisfying – when confrontations come calling. Sometimes it’s better to get angry and get over it
Power Down, Do-gooder

Saving energy is easy to do once you realize how much you waste unnecessarily. From leaving computers on to keeping your TV plugged in to the little things you’ve never thought of, find out how to cut your energy costs and reduce emissions.
In Case of Emergency

New parents should get finances, guardianship in order when brining a new life into the home
Pass the Dip (Not the Calories)

How to enjoy the big game without packing on the pounds
National Treasure: Book of Family Secrets

Genealogy search can lead to historic finds and deepen understanding of personal history
Do Periods = Pig-Outs?

TV and movies show angry, premenstrual women with cravings for chocolate, pizza and more chocolate – but is PMS really a gateway to overeating?
All-in-the-Family Vacations

More families are opting for group vacations – here’s how to gather the clan for a memorable, peaceful trip
Smells Like Keen Spirits

Lowering an elevated blood pressure or blood sugar can be as easy finding the right smell, taste or distraction
Skip Seasonal Stress

Prevent the holiday blues by moving, loving and lowering your expectations
Right Vs. Wrong

With so many celebrities and public role models behaving badly, teaching kids the difference between right and wrong is a tough battle
Holiday Heart Hazards

Some studies indicate death rates from heart attacks and stroke spike during the holiday season. Here’s what you need to know to keep you and your loved ones healthy
Top Tips to Spot College Struggles

College can be a stressful time for young adults as they learn to navigate an independent new world. With kids headed home for winter break, experts offer tips to help parents help their children with the transition
How to Thank the Giving

Rarely do we say or express thanks to the many people that deserve it, even on Thanksgiving. Here’s how to let those that impact your daily life know you’re grateful on the biggest day of thanks in 2007
Prepare For Liftoff

With most couples busier than ever, sex often takes a backseat to sleep and responsibilities. But don’t discount the power of foreplay to keep the attraction alive
At the Core of Nutrition

As it turns out, an apple a day actually might be one way to keep the doctor away
Caring For Caregivers

A cancer diagnosis affects more than just the patient. A new study finds spouses report a similar physical and emotional quality of life as the patient
Is the Doctor Internet?

An overwhelming number of Americans are following health and nutrition advice found on the Web. Here’s what you need to know to make sure the advice you get is good
Express Yourself For Better Health

Whether stressed or ill, patients are beginning to look beyond talk therapy to finger-paints, and it just might be what the doctor orders
Growing Older With Grace

Assisting aging parents can be difficult when the help a child offers takes away a parent’s feeling of control
Switch Hitters

Avoid exercise burnout by trying new workouts to keep it exciting and get faster results
Lean on Me

The new best dietician, personal trainer and coach might just be a best friend
Budding Tastes

If you’re tired of tasteless foods it's time to think local
How Brown is Your Fat?

Recent studies show a possible link between brown fat cells and reversing obesity. What is the difference between brown and white fat cells, and what, if anything, can brown do for you?
Women’s Health: 9 Steps to Avoiding Cancer

Fight the Fear of School

For first-timers and more sensitive students, heading to school can be a tumultuous time; follow these tips to get your kids ready, set, excited to learn
Agree To Disagree

Opinions run rampant in the information age. Here’s how to voice a dignified difference of opinion with a friend, family member, co-worker or spouse
Love Thy Neighbor

Before summer wanes take steps to unify your neighborhood by organizing a block-party gathering, charity event or bake sale to meet and greet your neighbors, and start building community kinship
The ‘It’ Factor: Humor

Improv comic Michael Bunin, star of the TBS series "My Boys," offers advice on how to add a laugh to your day-to-day life
A Measure of Success?

With scales that promise to measure body fat, treadmills that give information about fat calories burned, heart rate and pedometers that measure every step, how accurate is the information and how can you chart your progress effectively?
You Do Know How to Breathe, Don’t You?

According to doctors, most people breathe incorrectly. Learning the proper techniques can lead to fewer aches, pains and illnesses
Turn Tots Off of TV

Forty percent of 3-month-old infants are regularly watching TV, DVDs or videos – a number that jumps to 90 percent by age two. Here’s how to break your little one of a bad TV habit
Heavier with Hormones?

Women frustrated by menopausal weight gain might be packing on pounds courtesy hormone replacement therapy
Grow Old Gracefully

Anti-aging may be all the rage, but you’ve got to split the difference between truth and fiction. Let’s start here
Cool Tips for Safe Summer Fun

Exercise caution when exercising in extreme heat. Knowing the signs of heat stroke and how to cope could save your life
Summer of Service

Summer is the perfect time to engage in charitable activities that give back to your community and better the lives of those around you. Here’s how to get involved
Booming at 60

The secret to staying vital after 60 isn’t finding the fountain of youth, it’s finding new ways to add joy and stimulation to life
Worried Sick? Smile Yourself Healthy

New research show highly anxious people face nearly double the risk of heart attack or death when compared to those with a serene outlook on life
Moms-to-Be Fight Allergies, Asthma with Food

You are what your eat, and according to new research, your unborn baby might be, too
Weight Loss Heart-to-Heart

Confronting a loved one’s obesity problem isn’t a simple conversation to start – here’s how to get them on track for good health without destroying the relationship
The Art of Friendly Advice

A friend’s moans and groans don’t necessarily extend an invitation for unsolicited advice. Here’s how to advise with caution
Passion on the Side

For those not choosing to make a living as a rock star, poet or baker, following your heart in your free time will still make life better, healthier
Strawberries Fields, Forever Healthy

Red, juicy, delicious and sweet, this berry stands up as a powerhouse antioxidant and low-cal snack
Turn Off That TV!

What’s so funny? Plenty to caregivers who cope well

Online Prayer Changes Things

Good Dog, Bad Fit

Rescuing animals starts with a lot of love and good intentions, but not every animal suits every owner. Here’s how to find a new home for your pet
Study: Smoking, Caffeine Reduce Parkinson’s Risk

New research from Duke University reveals an inverse link between heavy coffee consumption and smoking, and patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease
The Aftermath of a Faux Pas

Little or big, handling a mistake with grace calls for equal parts apology, sincerity and common sense
The 'It' Factor: Compassion

Want to make the world a better place? Take a page from Andre Agassi's book
Little Things to Live Longer

Whether it’s adding two servings of juice to your diet or flossing your teeth daily, small things can make a big impact on your health. Here are some easy habits to start today
Knit One, Soul Two

Both relaxing and creative, knitting is a popular way to escape the hustle and bustle of the technology age. It’s also a great way to give your love to friends, family and yourself
The ‘It’ Factor: Power

A commanding presence is a combination of attitude, style and determination. Want some for yourself? Follow these strength-building tips
Laughter is the Best 'Cold' Medicine

Good-natured fun will make the waning winter colds and flus lose their sting. Here's how to add some lightness until summer and wellness set in
Beyond Chicken Soup

When a loved one gets word of a serious illness, it takes more than gentle comfort (or food) to guide them through the ordeal
Feel-Good Getaways

Volunteer vacations let you go somewhere and get something done for the greater good.
Elderly Patients Keep it Quiet

New research reveals older patients that are unprepared for a trip to the doctor are often under-informed about their illnesses, medications.
Eat Like a Kid Again

Subsisting on only cereal and popsicles is a bad idea, but there are plenty of positive eating lessons children can teach us
Life in a Trans-Fat-Free Home

From supermaket shelves to the table: just because it says trans-fat free doesn't make it so
The Crying Game

Everyone needs to cry like a little kid from time to time, but location is key. Head to the annals of pop music to find out the best spot to shed a tear
Why We Cheat

Getting ahead by taking 'shortcuts' is costing America billions of dollars and loads of respect. So why does it seem like everybody's doing it?
Life After Fido

When is the right time to find a new friend after the death of a beloved pet? Take this quiz
Four Simple Steps to Surviving a Book Club

It’s easier than you think to keep everyone on the same page in a reading group. Just don’t forget the hummus
Now Here’s the Scrub

The truth about microdermabrasion is very, very smooth.
Four Simple Steps to Curb Gift Jealousy

When what you want lands in someone else's lap, here's how to keep from going green with envy.
Singing the Postpartum Blues

Depression after pregnancy is a problem that needs quick relief, but are meds the answer?
Four Simple Steps to Stress-Free Shopping

Stakes are high in the hunt for the perfect gift. Here's how to keep your cool.
Oh, Brother!

A study reveals why children with siblings have sharper social skills than only children.
Four Simple Steps to be Truly Thankful

Thanksgiving is more than pie and turkey. It's about helping and loving the family, friends and world around you.
Souped Up

Three hearty, healthy recipes will keep you and your soul powered up for the chilly months.
Teen Danger

Workplace injuries aren’t confined to adults, according to study findings that teen on-the-job injury is a significant health threat.
Autumn of Love

Birds do it, bees to it, even educated older couples can, too. Here’s some straight talk about sex after 60.
These Days, Kids Have it Rough

Tough teachers, expectations put heavy toll on kids.
Who’s Got the Yerb?

Tea often will soothe your mind and soul. Yerba mate will take care of the rest.
Ask the Expert: Designer Karim Rashid

Can principles used by professional designers help you live a healthier, more meaningful life?
Oh, the Places You'll Go

Whether you’re retired or have some unused vacation, start your travel planning with ‘1,000 Places To See Before You Die’
A Nip, a Tuck and One Unhappy Family

For those going under the knife in search of a better body, loved ones aren't always supportive.
Two to Tango

Building stronger relationships means making a commitment to bettering yourself.
Crisis of Friendship?

A healthy dose of friendship is vital to women’s wellbeing, but why do we find it so hard to connect?
Smile Like You Mean It

Positive thoughts can give back the reigns to a rocky, unbalanced life
What's Growing in Your Kitchen?

Put your home under the microscope.
Cool, Refreshing and Anti

Watermelon is packed with many of the same health benefits as tomatoes
Ready, Set, Sniffle!

Allergy season is in full swing – here's how to keep yourself sane during the sneeziest time of year.

Meaningful relationships – romantic, platonic or other – can have a profound impact on your physical health
Hives are All the Rage

Honey has sweet health benefits for the insatiable sweet tooth
Dog Bites Man

Dogs often bite people they already know. Here’s how to keep a canine’s chomping instincts in check
Parenthood is a Real Downer

Bundles of joy or harbingers of gloom? Studies show children can raise the risk of lifelong depression in parents.