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How to Be a Better-Health Nag
New research reveals people in committed relationships benefit from the effects of self-improvement suggestions – here’s how to do it nicely

Hot and Heavy
Weight plays a major role in a healthy sex life. Here’s how to a turn desire into motivation

Game, Set, Love Match?
Compatibility isn’t about loving the same movies – it’s about having similar values and desires

After the Fight
Is getting passion sparked by fighting a healthy way to end a fight?

TV and the ‘Birds and the Bees’
Television can be pure escapism. But as one recent study shows, it can also be a powerful, healthful conversation starter

Ready, Set ... Romance!
Reconnecting after kids leave home can reinvigorate - and save - a stagnant marriage

Keep the Home Fires Burning
A long-term relationship doesn't have to mean lackluster lovemaking. Here are tips for transforming a snooze-worthy sex life into one that sizzles

Flaming Red
Women find the color a sign of status, money and power

Sex & the (Senior) Citizen
Intimacy isn’t just for thirty-something singles in the city – here’s what you need to know reignite the passion at any age!

Friends in Healthy Places
Feelings of isolation can have negative impact on the health of seniors

Cheers to Drinking Less
A new study finds that women who drink to impress might want to rethink their tactics

Parents ... Unite!
A new study finds that when mom and dad are on the same page, behavioral problems decrease

See and Say
Students more likely to speak up about dangerous behaviors when they feel connected to teachers, peer

Looking Through the Eyes of Food Love
Long-term compatibility can be challenged by incompatible eating habits

Who Can You Trust?
New relationships can't withstand breaches of confidence as easily as long-term romances, friendships

The Happy Network
People with a strong circle of close-knit friends can spread happiness far and wide

A Real Goal-Getter
Women so easily overextend themselves that they often neglect their physical and emotional health. Here's how to fix the nine biggest mistakes you're making every day

Secrets, Lies and Other Stupid Moves
Unearthing a hidden past can put a relationship at-risk, but experts say revealing those secrets the right way can lead to healing

Make-up & Kiss Later
It's a film and television cliché that lovers' quarrels should end with a passionate reconciliation; but is getting hot when you're bothered really a healthy way to end a fight?

Green Machine
Be it her greater career success or his trimmer physique, feeling inferior to your partner can lead to tension and in-house fighting. Here's how to express your feelings to your partner, how to use them as motivation and how to get over it

More to Love
Excess pounds can create more than just a physical divide between couples. Here’s how to speak to your spouse without disrupting the house

I Love You, You’re Perfect … Now Just One Small Change
How to approach your partner about the little things that get on your nerves without causing a rift

Married to Mom
A new study shows a successful man is more likely to wed a woman with an education level equal to his mother's

Under the Influence
A new study reveals many fathers-to-be continue substance use during their partners’ pregnancies, increasing the likelihood that Mom will again pick up the habit

Cool, Calm and Cohabitating
Blood pressure levels could be positively affected by the quality of a couple’s marriage

Check Mate
In the search for love, security, romance and similar interests are compromised for good looks, money and power

Flirty Mind
Steady relationships can benefit from the same winks and smiles that brought excitement to the first date

Celebrate Being Alone
Did Valentine’s Day put you in a lovelorn slump? Find out how to raise a toast to being single – and how to spread your love around

No More Food Fights
Getting kids to eat a healthy meal doesn’t have to be a battle of good versus evil

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar
Keeping your cool can be ineffective – and unsatisfying – when confrontations come calling. Sometimes it’s better to get angry and get over it

National Treasure: Book of Family Secrets
Genealogy search can lead to historic finds and deepen understanding of personal history

Laughter eases the pain in more ways than one and could even add happiness to a relationship

All-in-the-Family Vacations
More families are opting for group vacations – here’s how to gather the clan for a memorable, peaceful trip

‘I Was Just Teasing!’
The right kind of teasing can buoy a romance; the wrong kind can sink it. Do you know the difference?

What Women (and Men) Want
A recent study found that when looking for mates, men seek beauty and women seek wealth and security. What does this mean for those on a quest for the perfect partner?

Prepare For Liftoff
With most couples busier than ever, sex often takes a backseat to sleep and responsibilities. But don’t discount the power of foreplay to keep the attraction alive

Married Without Children
Countless reasons exist when couples don’t have kids, and being sensitive to the childless will save you face – here are five things to avoid

Friends Forever?
Researchers distill the qualities that keep friends on good terms

Love Thy Neighbor
Before summer wanes take steps to unify your neighborhood by organizing a block-party gathering, charity event or bake sale to meet and greet your neighbors, and start building community kinship

The ‘It’ Factor: Humor
Improv comic Michael Bunin, star of the TBS series "My Boys," offers advice on how to add a laugh to your day-to-day life

Turn Tots Off of TV
Forty percent of 3-month-old infants are regularly watching TV, DVDs or videos – a number that jumps to 90 percent by age two. Here’s how to break your little one of a bad TV habit

Goodbye, Negativity … Hello, Intimacy
Change your outlook to remove the ‘bad’ and improve even the closest relationships

The Art of Friendly Advice
A friend’s moans and groans don’t necessarily extend an invitation for unsolicited advice. Here’s how to advise with caution

Caregivers Give More When They Get Help, Understanding

Marriage may cure that

What’s so funny? Plenty to caregivers who cope well

Can Marriage Be Good for the Nerves?
Good husbands don’t get on their wives' nerves. They calm them, a study published in Psychological Science shows

Passion Tips for the Time-Crunched
Struggling to find time for intimacy? Try these quick-yet-quality steps to spice up your love life in minutes

The Aftermath of a Faux Pas
Little or big, handling a mistake with grace calls for equal parts apology, sincerity and common sense

Dear Friend: Why Writing Letters Still Matters
So what if mailing a letter to grandma isn’t as convenient as e-mail? Sending old-fashioned correspondence can keep your mind sharp, your loved ones close and your history intact

4 Simple Steps to the Perfect Night
Bring romance to life, and to your life, with a step-by-step plan to provide your partner with an evening to remember

Beyond Chicken Soup
When a loved one gets word of a serious illness, it takes more than gentle comfort (or food) to guide them through the ordeal

Four Simple Steps to Say ‘Not Tonight’
Whether it’s a headache or an early alarm call, rejecting a partner’s advances doesn’t have to be an automatic ego wound – or grounds for a late-night argument.

Closer… Closer… Closer…
Meaningful relationships—romantic, platonic or other— can have a profound impact on your physical health