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Rise & Shine
Morning routines establish a more productive and less stressful day. Here are some tips on how to ease into a new early ritual

Be a Local Superhero
Volunteering isn’t just good for your community – it’s a positive influence on your health and happiness, too


1 in 3

1. New York JFK 2. Los Angeles International 3. Honolulu International

Ups and Downs of Living With Pain
Managing chronic pain takes a good doctor and positive lifestyle changes

Living Smarter Today for a Safer Tomorrow
Planning for the best in life? Then start by preparing for the worst with these safety must-haves

8 Inspirations to Stress Less for Better Health
Little things can have a huge impact on stress levels, blood pressure, and heart rate – try these easy ideas today

Put Your Hands Up
CPR using only hands? Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains why the new guidelines from the American Heart Association work


Beat the Heat Stroke
Stay safe in warmer temperatures with these important sunny day safety tips




OMG! It’s Time 4 Bed
The sleep habits of the average teenager leave much to be desired – here’s how to get your teen more rest



Take a Deep Breath
It’s more than exhaling and inhaling – learning the proper breathing techniques can lead to fewer aches, pains and illnesses

Pain, Pain … Go Away
Living in the past is common, especially for those still unable to overcome hurt feelings. Here’s how to move forward

4.5 million



Putting Obesity To Bed … Early
More sleep could prevent children from becoming overweight or obese

Health Down the ‘Tube’
A new study shows that watching too much TV has adverse health effects

Long Live! Ask the Expert: Howard S. Friedman
Co-author of “The Longevity Project”


9 Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Cancer

Cancer-free - Now What?
Diet and exercise tips for patients adjusting to life in remission

America Expanding

On the Body Clock
Researchers discover how 24-hour body cycles influence metabolism, aging

Smells Like Adult Spirit
A new study finds teen angst can set the stage for health problems later in life

The Parent Trap
'Practice what you preach' is a tried-and-true motto when it comes to teaching your kids good eating habits

Friends in Healthy Places
Feelings of isolation can have negative impact on the health of seniors

Worth Your Weight
What incentives would it take to get you to lose a few pounds?


Seven Ways to Save on Medical Bill
When it comes to health care, cutting costs without cutting corners is key

How to Handle Workplace Worries
A murky job market means an increase in employee stress - here's how to stop worrying and learn to love your work

Tawdry Treats
The Internet isn't the only place where consumers are being bombarded by unexpected and unwanted gluttony

Daydream Believers
Trust in dreams often exceeds reality

Keep On Inhaling
A new study finds that the positive effects of steroid inhalers are not permanent

Seven Tips For Better ZZZ's
Sleep on it tonight with a few simple tips to fight insomnia

See and Say
Students more likely to speak up about dangerous behaviors when they feel connected to teachers, peer

The Pink Page
An Apple a Day ...

Lower Chances of Preterm Labor


A Heart Warning Story
America's deadliest illness is also one of it's most preventable - here's how to take charge of your cardiovascular health today

On the Walking Path to Survival
The mind-body connection leads one breast cancer survivor to race her way to better health

Stroke of Fate
For most victims of strokes, there is hope both in prevention and immediate treatment. Traci Miller, a young mother of two, is living proof

Room to Breathe
Cessation programs, better air quality are keys to avoiding chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

After the Fall
More than 20 million medical visits are made each year due to in-home injuries - here's how to play it safer

In The Blood
For diabetics, diet and exercise are just the beginning of a healthy lifestyle

Back to Life
Cancer treatments may end, but the process of healing continues

Cheers to Your Health
A new study links moderate drinking to better health in seniors

Insulin and Cancer
Insulin levels tied to increased breast cancer risk

Vitamins with a Side of Vitamins
Fortified foods can lead to too much of a good thing - especially in light of recent findings about the efficacy of vitamins in disease prevention

Bring Back the Heat
Could testosterone replacement therapy be Viagra for women? Not so fast, experts say

The PMS Drag
Puffing could increase the prevalence of premenstrual syndrome

Run of the Pack
Clubs, animal shelters increasingly unite runners with dogs that are born to run

Happiness Isn't a Warm TV
A new study finds people who read newspapers and socialize are happier than those who have a nightly date with the tube

Look Up
Use the economic downturn as a way to turn your life around for the better

Celebrity Health: Suzanne Somers
A TV icon turned thigh master sets her sights on bettering women's health through better hormones

A Real Goal-Getter
Women so easily overextend themselves that they often neglect their physical and emotional health. Here's how to fix the nine biggest mistakes you're making every day

How to Say 'No Thanks' at the Holidays
Food is coming fast and furious - here's how to take a pass without hurting someone's feelings

Not So Free After All
Free drug samples drive up name-brand drug prescriptions, may cost the uninsured more

Bullying Outweighs Obesity in Parents' Minds
A new poll reveals bullying of obese kids, lack of enforcement of healthy behaviors are top health concerns for parents

How Not To Let Your Hair Down

Introducing Showers ... Now Without Shame
Regardless of fitness level, one thing about fitness centers terrifies us all - the judging eyes of others in the locker room

The Dark Side of Tan

Belly Flop
A little extra weight around the middle isn't cause to buy new jeans - it's cause to rethink overall health

Are You Raw?
Experts, devotees disagree on the actual health benefits gained from uncooked foods

Fury on the Field
Study connects angry soccer parents and road rage

I, Megaphone
Tired of feeling invisible? Learn to cheer on the confidence of an important person – yourself

Tick, Tick, Tick
Are you an ‘owl’ living in a ‘lark’s’ world? Internal clocks might control why we do what we do and when we do it, but resetting the time could allow you to make the most of every day

(Don’t) Feel the Burn
Dealing with sun is a daily endeavor. Find out when people forget protection but need it the most

Cute Bag or Just Baggage?
More than worries are weighing us down. See how to lighten your load and give your shoulder a break

Comforting … and Healthy, too!
Try these simple methods to modify your favorite guilty pleasures to make them both calming and delicious


Don't Touch Me
Germs are on every surface we skim - find out how to beat the bacteria through careful thought and preparation

More Bag for Your Buck
With the cost of groceries on the rise, American families are spending more than ever at the store. Here's how to cut back on big spending

Home Is Where the Heart Is
A new study shows that where you live can impact how frequently you exercise

Sleepy Time
Contrary to popular belief, Americans average as much or more sleep than they did 40 years ago

Check Early, Save Your Life
Detecting colon cancer in the earliest stages increases the chances of survival dramatically. Here's what you need to know

Eats-inspired Spas
Hot new treatments add some culinary flair to relaxation

Workout to Ward Off Strokes
A new study indicates that physical fitness can reduce the risk of stroke

Begin to Hope
A new study reveals that even as symptoms of depression begin to dwindle, feelings of hopelessness can linger

Seven Steps to Less Stress
Stress can wreck havoc on lives. Here are seven easy ways to help you start worrying less

Do You Know Your Food?
A lot of what Americans eat comes from other countries, and as the number of food recalls rise experts urge consumers to get smarter about where their food originates

Depression Differences in Older Men & Women
Sex appears to have an effect on how susceptible people are to depression - and how likely they are to remain depressed

A Space of Your Own
Carve out a place to escape without going anywhere

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar
Keeping your cool can be ineffective – and unsatisfying – when confrontations come calling. Sometimes it’s better to get angry and get over it

The Do-Not-Eat List
Whether trying to lose weight or trying to keep illness at bay, knowing which foods should rarely cross your lips can help you achieve your goals

Winter Workout Tips
Helpful hints for how to stay healthy and fit during those cold winter months

Beyond the Clone
Cloned meat has stolen the headlines, but what about an eel protein that can make ice cream softer? Or a ground-up fish that can make your orange juice healthier? Food science is taking leaps to improve what we eat and how it’s stored

Be Great in 2011
Want to be your best? Here’s how to improve your health, your career, your mojo and your potential

Pass the Dip (Not the Calories)
How to enjoy the big game without packing on the pounds

Heart of Gold
Women often ignore early symptoms of heart disease until a heart attack strikes. Find out how to spot the warning signs and take steps to increase overall heart health

Snug as a Bug in a Yoga Mat
Exercise at home can be as beneficial as heading out the door or into the gym

National Treasure: Book of Family Secrets
Genealogy search can lead to historic finds and deepen understanding of personal history

Laughter eases the pain in more ways than one and could even add happiness to a relationship

Monday, Muddy Monday
Overcome the start-of-the-week blues with a few simple steps on the weekend

Do Periods = Pig-Outs?
TV and movies show angry, premenstrual women with cravings for chocolate, pizza and more chocolate – but is PMS really a gateway to overeating?

Avoid the Biggest Workout Blunders
Not enough water, too little stretching and lack of diversity top the experts’ lists of mistakes the amateur athlete makes when exercising

Smells Like Keen Spirits
Lowering an elevated blood pressure or blood sugar can be as easy finding the right smell, taste or distraction

Sugar, Sugar
Hidden and not-so-hidden sugars could be sabotaging your diet – and your overall wellness

Winter-Proof Your Body Today
Hibernating and the holiday season are bad for the body - here’s how to get your body ready for winter

Eat to Prevent Cancer
You are what you eat when it comes to warding off cancer, especially when what you’re eating is processed foods and deli meat

Holiday Heart Hazards
Some studies indicate death rates from heart attacks and stroke spike during the holiday season. Here’s what you need to know to keep you and your loved ones healthy

The Flat Pack
For gym rats looking for a flatter stomach, hitting the floor isn’t the only way to construct defined abs. Try swapping sit-ups for these simple exercises to build your core strength

Double-Duty Doula
Compassion is natural for actress Amy Pietz. As a doula, she’s there to assist and comfort women during childbirth. On set, the ‘Aliens in America’ star uses that experience to bond with co-workers. For all involved, it’s a blessing

Executive Coach Dr. Mary Stewart-Pellegrini
How to Really Find a Balance in the Workplace

Healthy – and Happy
Putting the fun into fitness isn’t that hard with a few new ideas and products

Shy Guys
Women aren’t the only ones uncomfortable exercising in the company of the opposite sex. So what are these tough guys doing? Getting in shape together with the help of men-focused clubs and workout programs

The Web Doctor Will See You Now
Swarms of Americans are following health and nutrition advice found on the Web. Here’s what you need to know to make sure the advice you get is good

Predicting Alzheimer’s Risk to You

Weight-loss Surgery Not One-Size-Fits-All

The Power of Positivism
How effective can a good attitude be in making your life what you want it to be? The sky’s the limit

What’s Your Grudge?
Hanging on to negative, resentful emotions can be physically and emotionally damaging. The secret to letting go is figuring out the source of the problem

How to Thank the Giving
Rarely do we say or express thanks to the many people that deserve it, even on Thanksgiving. Here’s how to let those that impact your daily life know you’re grateful on the biggest day of thanks in 2007

Get Juiced
Daily doses of some 100-percent fruit juices might be the trick to staying healthy, strong and mentally agile - so which are the best of the bunch?

The SAD Days of November
If you notice that your mood, energy level and motivation take a nosedive each November only to return to normal in April, you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Here’s how to keep your life on-track

High Fashion Health Hazards
Wearing high-heeled shoes and carrying heavy purses could be the causes of what ails the fashionable woman

At the Core of Nutrition
As it turns out, an apple a day actually might be one way to keep the doctor away

New Information About Breast Cancer Recurrence In Young Women
New research shows the benefits of receiving an additional high dose of radiation

Caring For Caregivers
A cancer diagnosis affects more than just the patient. A new study finds spouses report a similar physical and emotional quality of life as the patient

Can You Hear Me?
Hold the phone – long-term use of a cell phone may cause inner ear damage and can lead to high frequency hearing loss. Here’s what you need to know

Watch Your Mouth
That seemingly innocent afternoon snack could be doing a number on your teeth and gums – beware these 10 popular foods

Strong Bones Are Essential For Older Men
Osteoporosis is far more ubiquitous in women, but it can be a deadly disease for male sufferers

Is the Doctor Internet?
An overwhelming number of Americans are following health and nutrition advice found on the Web. Here’s what you need to know to make sure the advice you get is good

Express Yourself For Better Health
Whether stressed or ill, patients are beginning to look beyond talk therapy to finger-paints, and it just might be what the doctor orders

You Might Be Overfeeding Your Child If …
Parents often are in denial about the eating habits of overweight and obese children. Here are some easy ways to tell if your child is eating too much, and developing bad health habits as a result

The Flat Pack
For fitness seekers looking for flatter stomachs, hitting the floor isn’t the only way to build a sleeker belly. Try these simple exercises in place of sit-ups to build your core strength

Resistance Isn’t Futile
Rubber cords and bands designed to build lean muscle have exploded on the fitness scene, but how do they compare to traditional weights?

Men In Search Of ‘Curves’
Women aren’t the only ones uncomfortable exercising in the company of the opposite sex, and several men-only clubs are helping them get in shape togethe

Play Mind Games
Sharpening brainpower and increasing memory can be as simple as singing the wrong words to your favorite song, playing Sudoku or taking a trip

Switch Hitters
Avoid exercise burnout by trying new workouts to keep it exciting and get faster results

Lean on Me
The new best dietician, personal trainer and coach might just be a best friend

B-lieve in B-Vitamins
Even with a healthy diet plan, the chances of getting enough folic acid or folate are slim

Asthma Often Misdiagnosed

Accounting For ‘Good Taste’

SOS: Teeth Are Made To Last Forever

HPV Vaccine Bonus

Stretch Work
We do the hard work it takes to figure out simple movements that take the stress out of chronic and traumatic injuries before – and after – they happen

Friends Forever?
Researchers distill the qualities that keep friends on good terms

It’s Time To Get Some Sleep
The more we do, the less we sleep: That is making us sick

Gym Class Heroes
Teenagers across the country are bucking the mallrat stereotype and, instead, becoming a presence at local health clubs

How Brown is Your Fat?
Recent studies show a possible link between brown fat cells and reversing obesity. What is the difference between brown and white fat cells, and what, if anything, can brown do for you?

Help Your Children Earn an ‘A’ in School Lunches
Teach the basics of a well-rounded mean to guide future food choices

Women’s Health: 9 Steps to Avoiding Cancer

Stock-Up for Quick-Fix Meals
Avoid the takeout doldrums by having a large supply of easy-to-prepare, low-fat foods

Generation Boomeritis
Aging doesn’t have to be synonymous with aches and pains. Here’s how to keep your body in tip-top, pain-free shape

Pull Yourself Together
Completing work and having fun don’t always have to be at odds – especially once you get your life in order

Love Thy Neighbor
Before summer wanes take steps to unify your neighborhood by organizing a block-party gathering, charity event or bake sale to meet and greet your neighbors, and start building community kinship

Dial-In for Weight Loss
From high-tech “diet” phones to telephone wellness coaches, more people are using cell phones to get the 4-1-1 on their health

The ‘It’ Factor: Humor
Improv comic Michael Bunin, star of the TBS series "My Boys," offers advice on how to add a laugh to your day-to-day life

A Healthy Red Meat Revival
If the pleasures of red meat are just a memory as you try to trim fat and calories from your diet, you may be depriving yourself unnecessarily

Need to breathe easy, faster? Try yoga

A Dark Chocolate a Day
Eating 30 calories a day of dark chocolate is associated with a lowering blood pressure without weight gain. Choco-holics and fitness buffs, rejoice!

A Measure of Success?
With scales that promise to measure body fat, treadmills that give information about fat calories burned, heart rate and pedometers that measure every step, how accurate is the information and how can you chart your progress effectively?

Stick ’Em Up
Why take a pill when you can stick on a patch? We take a closer look at popular patches on the market today, from nicotine to birth control

The Eyes Have It
What the heck is wrong with you now? The holistic practice of iridology looks deep to answer just that

The 85/15 Diet
When it comes to eating, baby boomer Jesse Ziff Cool is good – very good. But when she’s bad, she’s still slim

Is Fat Our Fault?

Beyond Clutter
Your house doesn’t have to look like a neat-and-tidy department store display. Here’s how to be comfortable with the stuff among us

Facial Awareness
Some skin conditions need special care. The next time you pamper yourself with a facial, consider this ...

Next Up, a Gym for the Mind
Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, brain scientist

Get a Kick Out of It
Like a lot of fitness trends, we jumped right on in with cardio kickboxing and had a lot of fun trying something new. That was then and this is now: Are you doing it right? Make sure you avoid injury and get all the benefits you’re working for

Bouncing Back Takes Time

How long does it take?

The Bottom Line
A perky rear end is a sign of good fitness. Don’t accept sagging as inevitable. Here’s what to do

Run This Way

Nothing Fishy About Eating Seafood

Well, What Do You Know?
It’s time for a check-up on your health and fitness savvy. Have you been keeping up? Look and learn

Honey Has Sweet Health Benefits

Allergy ER
What (exactly) is in it? Deciphering food labels has been a murky proposition for food allergy sufferers - until now

Green Tea: Tastes Great, Less Swelling

How Much Will It Hurt?
Maybe your fear of a painful colon exam is just in your imagination. Maybe that flu shot won’t hurt as much as you think. Doctors decode the science of pain in this by-the-procedure guide

The Zap Factor
The story behind high-tech zit zapper Zeno

You Do Know How to Breathe, Don’t You?
According to doctors, most people breathe incorrectly. Learning the proper techniques can lead to fewer aches, pains and illnesses

Understanding the Stages of Cancer
Doctors apply numbers to describe the severity of cancer, and understanding those digits can go a long way toward easing the minds of the afflicted

Fight the Fat after ‘The Change’
Many women pack on the pounds after menopause, which is a dangerous time to lose health-control. Here’s how to combat mid-life weight gain, and some simple solutions to staying fit and trim

Book-It for the Summer
Encouraging kids to read over summer break keeps their minds sharp and fosters creativity. Here’s how, and why, to light a fire under their literacy

Goodbye, Negativity … Hello, Intimacy
Change your outlook to remove the ‘bad’ and improve even the closest relationships

Happy Feet
Start your exercise regimen on the right foot with the right pair of shoes, stretches and exercises to strengthen the most used part of your body

Heavier with Hormones?
Women frustrated by menopausal weight gain might be packing on pounds courtesy hormone replacement therapy

Stay Safe for Summer
Accidents happen, especially during the carefree summer months. Avoid these common mistakes to keep loved ones out of harm’s way

Cool Tips for Safe Summer Fun
Exercise caution when exercising in extreme heat. Knowing the signs of heat stroke and how to cope could save your life

Deter Diabetes with Diet, Exercise
As the rate of diabetes in the U.S. continues to rise, now more than ever, experts say, you are what you eat

Summer of Service
Summer is the perfect time to engage in charitable activities that give back to your community and better the lives of those around you. Here’s how to get involved

Healthy and Hot Off the Grill
Behind that delicious smoky flavor lies a slew of health concerns, especially for meat eaters. Learn to grill the right way for a healthier summer meal

Booming at 60
The secret to staying vital after 60 isn’t finding the fountain of youth, it’s finding new ways to add joy and stimulation to life

End At-Work Stress for Better Health
Content workers are more productive and happier – getting there depends on learning how to cope with stress and a hormone called cortisol

What to Eat Today
Choosing what and when to eat is a daily struggle for most women – here’s how to get the most bang for your nutrition buck

Sneeze and the World Sneezes with You
Red eyes, wheezing and sneezing – these days it seems like everyone is allergic to something

Worried Sick? Smile Yourself Healthy
New research show highly anxious people face nearly double the risk of heart attack or death when compared to those with a serene outlook on life

Protecting Your Summer Skin
Taking care of your skin, the human body’s largest organ, isn’t about just one summer; it’s about ensuring you have healthy, happy summers for many years to come

The Importance of Being Angry
Short-term bouts of anger or indignation in stressful situations can be a healthy response – just learn to control the madness before it makes you crazy

DIY Massage for Good Health
Massage doesn’t just feel good, it’s good for you

Walk this Way
Strolling toward a fit, healthy body takes 10,000 steps a day, a little off-roading and a lot of arm action

Passion on the Side
For those not choosing to make a living as a rock star, poet or baker, following your heart in your free time will still make life better, healthier

Marriage may cure that

Turn Off That TV!

Go Bravely with Ginkgo (Ginseng, Too)

Something We Can Learn from Immigrants

Eating in the Comfort Zone
Our love affair with food boils down to one simple thing: What makes us feel good. But can we have comfort food without the calories? TV chef G. Garvin shows the way

What’s so funny? Plenty to caregivers who cope well

Now You Know ...
Who or what to blame for failure to calm chronic headaches? It could be depression

Can Marriage Be Good for the Nerves?
Good husbands don’t get on their wives' nerves. They calm them, a study published in Psychological Science shows

Study: Smoking, Caffeine Reduce Parkinson’s Risk
New research from Duke University reveals an inverse link between heavy coffee consumption and smoking, and patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease

Little Things to Live Longer
Whether it’s adding two servings of juice to your diet or flossing your teeth daily, small things can make a big impact on your health. Here are some easy habits to start today

Knit One, Soul Two
Both relaxing and creative, knitting is a popular way to escape the hustle and bustle of the technology age. It’s also a great way to give your love to friends, family and yourself

Laughter is the Best 'Cold' Medicine
Good-natured fun will make the waning winter colds and flus lose their sting. Here's how to add some lightness until summer and wellness set in

BMI-Me Up?
Insurance companies, schools and the medical industry place an increasing emphasis on the body mass index as a beacon for overall health – but does it speak the truth about you?

Don’t Stand So Close to Me
Waiting for coffee, sitting on a plane, working in your office - everywhere you go people are ill. Here’s how to get their sickness out of your healthy path without being mean

Get Your Vitamins Here
With countless supplements on the market, many consumers have forgotten to look no further than the end of their fork for vitamins

Keep Your Family Safe from Contaminated Foods
Spinach, peanut butter and cantaloupe have all caused scares in recent months, but experts say safe food is usually one good scrub away.

Back to Basics
Low-carb diets, fitness and all-out laziness may make you feel good in short-term, but all we really need to do to win the battle of the bulge is eat simply and move

Four Simple Steps to Say ‘Not Tonight’
Whether it’s a headache or an early alarm call, rejecting a partner’s advances doesn’t have to be an automatic ego wound – or grounds for a late-night argument.

Star Quality: Rachael Ray's Million-Dollar Smile
Envy the queen of TV's pearly whites? Here's how to make your smile shine in no time

Life in a Trans-Fat-Free Home
From supermaket shelves to the table: just because it says trans-fat free doesn't make it so

Do the Yoga Dance
Core fusion is a hot exercise trend that blends yoga and Pilates with dance to build lean, strong muscles

The Crying Game
Everyone needs to cry like a little kid from time to time, but location is key. Head to the annals of pop music to find out the best spot to shed a tear

Life After Fido
When is the right time to find a new friend after the death of a beloved pet? Take this quiz

You Food: Kale
Cabbage's favorite relative is a leafy triple threat; superstar cancer-fighter, pill-free vitamin and hearty, heart-healthy additive to any winter meal

The New Hot Flash
Going through the changes of menopause can be an opportunity for women to focus on the self and change life for the better

Heart Matters
A dynamic new online DIY heart-health checkup adds up to better long-term health for women