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Hip to Be Square
For years we’ve been told that eating 6 to 7 small meals a day is the way to go for weight loss. Not so fast. New evidence suggests that eating the classic 3 meals a day is better for your health

Buzz Kill In a Bottle
With recent deaths linked to energy drinks, what do parents need to know to keep kids safe?

Here a Vitamin, There a Vitamin
Fortified vitamin drinks aren’t a foolproof solution to get your kids their daily nutrients


Sure, It’s Healthy … But How Does It Taste?
Developing a taste for healthy foods requires time and experimentation

Bone-Up for Better Health
Warding off osteoporosis isn’t just about drinking more milk. Learn understanding nutrition, exercise and family history can keep bones in peak condition

To Pinot or Not To Pinot
Do red wine’s health benefits add up? Health experts weigh in

Concern surrounding the presence of a harmful chemical in plastics, metals waned when laws restricted its use in baby products in 2008. Now, attention is turning to everyday products, and how BPA might affect adults

Ask the Expert: Dr. Joel Fuhrman
The natural-health expert and author of 'Eat to Live' explains how anyone can live for a century

Do As I Do
When given the right tools, kids can build themselves into happy, healthy and successful adults

Food Myths ... Fact or Fiction?
Dieting trick or mealtime misperception? Read on

Don't Be Egg-centric!
Massive recalls force bakers to be careful - and get creative

Go Nuts for Weight Loss and Heart Health
Adding nuts to a diet can be enormously beneficial if done responsibly

America Expanding

And the Cancer Ran Away With the Spoon
Many foods are touted as helping cancer survivors get – and stay – well. Here’s a guide to which foods really do help prevent disease and encourage recovery.

On the Body Clock
Researchers discover how 24-hour body cycles influence metabolism, aging

Un-earning Your 'Stripes'
Stretch marks are almost a given for most moms, but is there an effective way to get rid of them for good?

The Parent Trap
'Practice what you preach' is a tried-and-true motto when it comes to teaching your kids good eating habits

Worth Your Weight
What incentives would it take to get you to lose a few pounds?


Breathe Easy with Broccoli
A new study finds a protective link between broccoli and respiratory ailments


Gut Reaction
Understanding the triggers of digestive issues leads to better individual treatment

Short-order Kids
Picky eaters can keep the eager-to-please parent running wild in the kitchen, but experts warn it could be a problem deeper than preference

Something Fishy
The health benefits of taking fatty-acid supplements versus eating fish has yet to be established

Salt=Bad, Potassium=Good

Slow and Steady
Eating speed could have a direct impact on obesity

Vitamins with a Side of Vitamins
Fortified foods can lead to too much of a good thing - especially in light of recent findings about the efficacy of vitamins in disease prevention

What's In a Vitamin?
Nutritional supplements have been touted as the easiest way to protect against myriad diseases, but some experts warn that the hype outweighs the benefits.

Love in the Dark
For years health experts have lauded the health benefits of dark chocolate - here are the reasons why

Five Inside: Banana Twinkies

Are You Raw?
Experts, devotees disagree on the actual health benefits gained from uncooked foods

Beverage 2.0
Add-in nutritional supplements have turned water, soda and fruit juices into modern health elixirs. But do the benefits outweigh the costs – or the sugar?

More to Love
Excess pounds can create more than just a physical divide between couples. Here’s how to speak to your spouse without disrupting the house

Very Berry Super
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Not so much. Heroic? Most definitely

‘Bad’ Foods Make Good

Ground to Grill
Strike-up the fire and grab the veggies for a tasty, safer grilled meal

Beyond the Five-Day Diet
Eating right is easier during the workweek but once the weekend rolls around, all bets are off. Here’s how to live-it-up on the weekends without ruining your diet

More Bag for Your Buck
With the cost of groceries on the rise, American families are spending more than ever at the store. Here's how to cut back on big spending

Three Square
Skipping meals isn’t a good game to play for people looking to lose or maintain weight

Sweet Relief
Chocolate, coffee, honey and pistachios provide a fix that extends beyond mere indulgence

Shop for a Healthy Heart
Government-approved labeling leads consumers to make better choices

No More Food Fights
Getting kids to eat a healthy meal doesn’t have to be a battle of good versus evil

The Do-Not-Eat List
Whether trying to lose weight or trying to keep illness at bay, knowing which foods should rarely cross your lips can help you achieve your goals

Beyond the Clone
Cloned meat has stolen the headlines, but what about an eel protein that can make ice cream softer? Or a ground-up fish that can make your orange juice healthier? Food science is taking leaps to improve what we eat and how it’s stored

Be Great in 2011
Want to be your best? Here’s how to improve your health, your career, your mojo and your potential

Pass the Dip (Not the Calories)
How to enjoy the big game without packing on the pounds

Do Periods = Pig-Outs?
TV and movies show angry, premenstrual women with cravings for chocolate, pizza and more chocolate – but is PMS really a gateway to overeating?

Better Living Through Food
No meat, no dairy, no caffeine – nutrition expert Gary Null says living the best life requires a total diet overhaul

Avoid the Biggest Workout Blunders
Not enough water, too little stretching and lack of diversity top the experts’ lists of mistakes the amateur athlete makes when exercising

Sugar, Sugar
Hidden and not-so-hidden sugars could be sabotaging your diet – and your overall wellness

Winter-Proof Your Body Today
Hibernating and the holiday season are bad for the body - here’s how to get your body ready for winter

Eat to Prevent Cancer
You are what you eat when it comes to warding off cancer, especially when what you’re eating is processed foods and deli meat

Holiday Heart Hazards
Some studies indicate death rates from heart attacks and stroke spike during the holiday season. Here’s what you need to know to keep you and your loved ones healthy

Healthy – and Happy
Putting the fun into fitness isn’t that hard with a few new ideas and products

Thanksgiving: The Week After
As fun as it is to indulge for a day, it’s important to get back on track with diet and exercise after turkey day. Here are five easy ways to help make up for your day of gluttony

Get Juiced
Daily doses of some 100-percent fruit juices might be the trick to staying healthy, strong and mentally agile - so which are the best of the bunch?

At the Core of Nutrition
As it turns out, an apple a day actually might be one way to keep the doctor away

Watch Your Mouth
That seemingly innocent afternoon snack could be doing a number on your teeth and gums – beware these 10 popular foods

Strong Bones Are Essential For Older Men
Osteoporosis is far more ubiquitous in women, but it can be a deadly disease for male sufferers

You Might Be Overfeeding Your Child If …
Parents often are in denial about the eating habits of overweight and obese children. Here are some easy ways to tell if your child is eating too much, and developing bad health habits as a result

Lean on Me
The new best dietician, personal trainer and coach might just be a best friend

B-lieve in B-Vitamins
Even with a healthy diet plan, the chances of getting enough folic acid or folate are slim

Live Active Cultures!!!
Probiotics are bacteria even germ-phobic foodies can eat and feel good about

Athletes: Don’t Overdo the Fluids

How Brown is Your Fat?
Recent studies show a possible link between brown fat cells and reversing obesity. What is the difference between brown and white fat cells, and what, if anything, can brown do for you?

Help Your Children Earn an ‘A’ in School Lunches
Teach the basics of a well-rounded mean to guide future food choices

Gotta Get Kombucha
The inside scoop on this not-so-new, healthy beverage

Stock-Up for Quick-Fix Meals
Avoid the takeout doldrums by having a large supply of easy-to-prepare, low-fat foods

Fiber Is the One
Sure, fiber can help you feel full and maintain a normal, healthy weight, but studies are also showing it’s a champion in the battles against colon and stomach cancer

Hard Facts About Soft Drinks
Middle-aged soft drink consumers might be increasing their risk of heart disease along with their waistlines

Dial-In for Weight Loss
From high-tech “diet” phones to telephone wellness coaches, more people are using cell phones to get the 4-1-1 on their health

A Healthy Red Meat Revival
If the pleasures of red meat are just a memory as you try to trim fat and calories from your diet, you may be depriving yourself unnecessarily

A Dark Chocolate a Day
Eating 30 calories a day of dark chocolate is associated with a lowering blood pressure without weight gain. Choco-holics and fitness buffs, rejoice!

A Measure of Success?
With scales that promise to measure body fat, treadmills that give information about fat calories burned, heart rate and pedometers that measure every step, how accurate is the information and how can you chart your progress effectively?

The 85/15 Diet
When it comes to eating, baby boomer Jesse Ziff Cool is good – very good. But when she’s bad, she’s still slim

Is Fat Our Fault?

Cheers to Strawberry Daiquiris

Drinking Has Health Benefits, But . . .

Are We Programmed to Gain Weight?

How long does it take?

The Bottom Line
A perky rear end is a sign of good fitness. Don’t accept sagging as inevitable. Here’s what to do

Nothing Fishy About Eating Seafood

Well, What Do You Know?
It’s time for a check-up on your health and fitness savvy. Have you been keeping up? Look and learn

Honey Has Sweet Health Benefits

Be Fruitful, Eat Cherries

Fight the Fat after ‘The Change’
Many women pack on the pounds after menopause, which is a dangerous time to lose health-control. Here’s how to combat mid-life weight gain, and some simple solutions to staying fit and trim

The Bean Means Well
If you feel guilty about your java habit, relax. Give yourself a break, a coffee break

You Food: Sardines
For a little fish, sardines pack a whale of nutrition. Here’s how to incorporate their big benefits into your diet

Deter Diabetes with Diet, Exercise
As the rate of diabetes in the U.S. continues to rise, now more than ever, experts say, you are what you eat

You Food: Use Your Melon
If you think this fruit is a summer lightweight, you’re not giving melons, including cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon, their nutritional due

Healthy and Hot Off the Grill
Behind that delicious smoky flavor lies a slew of health concerns, especially for meat eaters. Learn to grill the right way for a healthier summer meal

What to Eat Today
Choosing what and when to eat is a daily struggle for most women – here’s how to get the most bang for your nutrition buck

How Green is Your Salad Bowl?
Darker is better when adding greens to a salad. Try these nutritious options for a crunchy, health-packed meal

Moms-to-Be Fight Allergies, Asthma with Food
You are what your eat, and according to new research, your unborn baby might be, too

Innovative Foods Put the ‘New’ in Nutritious
Grocery store shelves are lined with products promoting good health, eating fewer calories and dining on smaller portions for cook-free, easy eats

Strawberries Fields, Forever Healthy
Red, juicy, delicious and sweet, this berry stands up as a powerhouse antioxidant and low-cal snack

‘Cramming’ Backfires on Young People

Eating in the Comfort Zone
Our love affair with food boils down to one simple thing: What makes us feel good. But can we have comfort food without the calories? TV chef G. Garvin shows the way

You Food: Yogurt
Curdled by bacteria and full of living microorganisms, this dairy byproduct tastes – and helps – a lot better than it sounds

Time-Saving Menus
There are several shortcuts people can take to put nutritional meals on the table without much effort and cooking, so why not make it easy tonight?

Little Things to Live Longer
Whether it’s adding two servings of juice to your diet or flossing your teeth daily, small things can make a big impact on your health. Here are some easy habits to start today

Hot Off the Grill (And Healthy, Too!)
With grilling season on the horizon, Food Network personality Bobby Flay divulges his favorite flavors for outdoor eats

Avoid Portion Distortion
Only a half a cup of ice cream is one. A quarter cup of raisins is one, too. And butter? One is only a single tablespoon. Find out why serving size matters most

4 Simple Steps to Cutting 300 (or More!) Calories a Day
Nobody wants to diet, but everybody wants to drop a few pounds. Try these calorie-cutting tactics to slim your waistline without major sacrifice.

You Food: Corn
From on-the-cob to old-fashioned grits, we stalk-down the origins, health benefits and innovative ways to add this nutritious veggie to your next meal

Get Your Vitamins Here
With countless supplements on the market, many consumers have forgotten to look no further than the end of their fork for vitamins

Feel-Good Getaways
Volunteer vacations let you go somewhere and get something done for the greater good.

Back to Basics
Low-carb diets, fitness and all-out laziness may make you feel good in short-term, but all we really need to do to win the battle of the bulge is eat simply and move

Eat Like a Kid Again
Subsisting on only cereal and popsicles is a bad idea, but there are plenty of positive eating lessons children can teach us

Life in a Trans-Fat-Free Home
From supermaket shelves to the table: just because it says trans-fat free doesn't make it so

The Guiltiest Meal
When kids head to school, their food choices aren't completely out of parental control

You Food: Kale
Cabbage's favorite relative is a leafy triple threat; superstar cancer-fighter, pill-free vitamin and hearty, heart-healthy additive to any winter meal

Juicy details
Rich in antioxidants and full of intense, tart, sweet flavor, pomegranates can revitalize your menus and your health

America’s Original Recipe
It’s the simple things that make gullah/geechee cooking a staple of the coastal carolinas – and a blueprint for healthy eating for the rest of us

Fishing for answers
Do media reports about fish contamination worry you? Don’t let lack of knowledge keep you from swallowing these health benefits.