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One Thing At a Time

Multitasking might seem more productive, but experts warn it could have negative health consequences
Hold the Phone

How smart phone addiction could be impacting our physical and mental health
Get Your Sweat On

Sweating in the sauna can benefit the body and mind.
Follow the Patterns of a Healthy Diet

Just Say No

How to decline a pushy person’s attempts to make you eat
Go Bulk for Better Health

Move to the Beat

Why music can boost your workout performance
Personalized, From Tests to Medications

Why medical ‘rules’ are being broken for a more tailored approach
About Face

What you need to know about eyelid surgery and facelifts
Exercise Linked to Decreased Cognitive Health

Taking the Stress Out of Stress Tests

How to Help an Unhealthy Child

For parents, being proactive about childhood obesity is key to change
Find the Fun in Exercise

A better outlook on exercise could improve your eating habits, too
A Perfect ‘10’ for Pain Relief

Olympic gold medalist, Kerri Strug, wants to help consumers get smart about over-the-counter pain medicine
American Ninja Warrior Climbs Her Way to Fitness

Finding the Ultimate Peace and Quiet

Sensory deprivation chambers a unique way to reduce stress and physical pain
Exercise Results in Larger Brain Size and Lowered Dementia Risk

How Do You Get Healthy, Coach?

Wellness coaching can produce significant and long-term improvements in health behaviors
How to ‘Win’ the Kid Food Fight

Frustrated parents – don’t give up! Try these steps to introduce new foods to picky eaters
Keep Your Head Up, Kid

Even as awareness surrounding concussions grows, researchers say they are on the rise in adolescents
Finding the Fun in Exercise

How much you enjoy exercise has a lot to do with how you think about physical movement
3 Effective Ways to Clear Your Mind

In today’s world, it’s difficult to find peace. Here’s how to make your mind a clearer, happier place
How Often Should You Eat?

Choose the Relaxing Road to Better Health

Nobody can erase stress from life, but managing it is a vital part of physical wellbeing
A Prescription to Curb Pain Killer Consumption

Properly disposing of medications is a public health issue. Are you doing the right thing?
A Nutritious Twofer

Stop overspending and overeating on takeout and eating out. Plan accordingly to save money and calories
3 Questions Before You Diet

Not all diets are the best paths to permanent health. Consider these questions before you jump on the next weight loss trend
Groove and Get Healthier

Music is universally loved. As it turns out, your favorite tunes have countless health benefits, too
Dignity and the Caregiver’s Dilemma

Not every person in need of care wants to be cared for by you. Here are 8 strategies to deal with a challenging patient without hurting their pride
Yoga On the Brain

Four ways that the bendy benefits extend into the classroom
4 Kid-Smart Tips for Finding a Great Doctor

From Twitter to Quitter

A new social media tool proves effective in the smoking cessation battle
Teens, Privacy and a Trip to the Doctor

New research suggests giving teenagers time alone to speack with doctors provides physical and mental health benefits
Get Out!: 3 Tips to Avoid Aging Isolation

For people over 50, isolation is a problem. Senior-focused technology expert Asif Khan offers these tips to help keep your loved ones engaged and active
Depression After Baby

A new study finds a link between hormone levels during pregnancy and postpartum depression
Don’t Sweat It

One surefire way to improve your health is to handle your stress in a beneficial manner
How Much Protein Do You Need?

Mindfulness In Family Life

With a Computer, Learn to Cook Like a Pro

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck starts an online cooking school
It’s Hard to Talk About

Sensitive health issues aren’t easy to discuss with loved ones, but the using the proper words can lead to understanding and even relationship growth
Up and At ‘em

Morning routines establish a more productive and less stressful day. Here are some tips on how to ease into a new early ritual
First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

What happens in the brain after the ‘honeymoon phase’ of a relationship has ended, and how can you keep the spark alive?
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s ‘Super Lice’

Think twice about toxic treatment of treatment-resistant head lice
Write to Heal

In an effort to help women heal the emotional turmoil of a breast cancer diagnosis, experts suggest journaling the journey
5 Ways to Let a Child Explore Food

Just Like Home

Feeling lonely at college? A recent study shows eating comfort foods could help
School’s Out, Snack’s On

After school eating should be healthy – here are 10 ideas to keep your kid satiated
Waste Less, Save More

Follow these simple steps to throw away less food every week, and save money, too
Brain Food

Does eating a brain-healthy diet reduce a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia?
Pack a Healthy Lesson

Send your kids back to school with a nutritious lunchbox
Serving Up an Food Allergy Plan

Chef and ‘Chopped’ judge, Amanda Freitag, discusses cooking, eating and living with a severe food allergy
No Meat, No Problem

On a plant-based diet, what are the best sources of protein?
Take Your Mind Off Exercise

Can distractions help people stay focused during workouts?
You Are When You Eat

When it comes to eating, is timing everything?
Women, Stress and the Risk of Heart Disease

Mental anguish has unwelcome effects on women’s cardiovascular health
Walking to Fight Parkinson’s

May May Ali, daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, raises Parkinson’s awareness
Will Exercise for Money

Can money motivate employees to be healthier?
One Bite and Done

If the first bite of decadent food is always the best, is there reason to keep eating?
Go to Bed, Kid!

Teenagers need a lot of rest, but stay up too late. Try these tips to get your teen to rest
Better Habits Through Technology

Wearable tracking devices continue to surge in popularity. Using them to your benefit, however, takes practice
Just Keep Swimming

Learn the healthy life lessons Diana Nyad learned on her epic long-distance treks across dangerous waters
Sweat By Yourself?

For those with arthritis, is it safe to exercise alone?
Bring On the Sun

Warmer weather is on the way – here’s how to help your family enjoy the sun safely
Break 3 Bad Family Habits

Healthier Shopping, In Bulk

Reducing waste requires more than avoiding paper and plastic. Forget the bag completely and bring your own container
6 Steps to Healthier Finances

Financial wellbeing plays a significant role in mental, physical wellbeing
Diabetes on the Brain

Could the key to a long, healthy life with diabetes be all in your mind? Here’s what you need to know
Safe & Sound

Teens behind the wheel often are distracted. Here’s what parents can do to help ensure a child’s wellbeing
Test Yourself

DIY allergy testing may expensive, but not beneficial
Tips to Serve Safely

Make sure holiday guests don’t get more than they bargain for at the buffet table – follow these simple food safety guidelines
4 Smart Eats for Emotional Eaters

The holidays are here and emotions will run high. These not-bad-for-you foods are best to have on hand for emotionally weak moments
A Deceptive Health ‘Web’

Not all information found on the Internet is accurate, especially when it comes to health
Cyber Smarts for Kids

Multitasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s how to stay connected without getting distracted
3 Cures for Common Dinner Obstacles

How to Feed Picky Eaters

Kids won’t like everything a parent puts on the plate, so how do you introduce new foods to fussy diners?
Exercise Caution After 60

Losing weight is never a bad idea, but when you reach the age of 60, how you go about it matters as much as your waistline
Pick Your Healthy Poison

Good-for-you foods don’t always taste bad – you just have to find the flavors that fit your preferences
An Exercise State of Mind

How you feel about exercise has a lot to do with how you think about physical movement
Sugar, Sugar

A new FDA proposal could make it easier for consumers to understand how much sugar is added to foods
Hobby for Better Health

Doing what you love has enormous benefits, and can even be linked to Alzheimer’s prevention
Caregiving for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

As the number of people suffering from cognitive decline grows, so do the number of caregivers in need of assistance, support
Full Plate, Not-So-Empty Wallet

Eat healthy on a budget? It’s possible with a little planning and a few tricks of the healthy-cooking trade
If You’re Happy and You Know It

How listening to music improves mental wellbeing
Bad Eats

Here’s how to detect bad food before it hits the dinner table
Fix the Past

Unable to overcome pain or trauma from childhood? Here’s how to move forward
Eat, Plan, Win

Putting healthy meals on the table requires more forethought than good intentions
6 Tips to Stress Less

Little things can have a huge impact on stress levels, blood pressure, and heart rate – try these easy ideas today
11 Ways to Eat Healthier at Work

5 Caregiving Tips for Alzheimer’s Patients

Adios, Hangover!

Memorial Day is upon us, and the unofficial summer party season has begun. Just remember there’s no magic pill that can sober you up, but an ounce of prevention goes a long way toward a healthier day after
Check-ups Where You Shop

With the allure of appointment-free medical care, in-store clinics and urgent cares are rising in popularity
4 Eating Tips for Emotional Eaters

What not-bad-for-you foods are best to have on hand for emotionally weak moments? Experts offer a few suggestions
Get Smart

Brain agility exercises could lead to a decrease in cognitive decline
Brain Defense

Find out which healthy habits can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s
Start on an Organized Foot

Forget the morning rush. Take care of these five simple tasks before going to bed to make tomorrow a smoother ride
5 Rules for Effective Physicals

Knowing how to talk to your doctor could set you on the road to a healthier year – here's how to ace your yearly exam
5 Things You Need to Know About Diabetes

What you think you know about diabetes could hurt you, but the truth can set you on a course for better health
Dress for the Ages

Style tips every woman can use
Decoding What You Eat

Big words on food labels might raise a red flag or two, but not every unpronounceable, scientific sounding word is bad for you
Brain Food

More omega-3 fatty acids linked to greater brain volume
Bake Better Bread

Gluten-free bread doesn’t have to be dry and taste-deficient – here’s how to make it rise and shine
Don’t Look on the Bright Side?

Sure, a good attitude is never a bad thing, but a bad attitude isn’t always a bad thing, either
Mind Over Matter

Stressed out? Think it out
Back to New Year’s

Forget the date on the calendar – it’s never to late to meet – or exceed – self-sanctioned goals
How to Handle 3 Types of ‘Super’ Rude Guests

Super Bowl parties often devolve into raucous disasters. Here’s how to keep yours spirited, yet civilized
Statins for All?

New recommendations might not provide a one-size solution for all heart patients
Ask the Expert: Kevin O’Leary

The best-selling author and lead shark on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ has strong opinions on money management, a topic he thinks should be tackled starting early in life
Have It All

Healthy cooking and exercising both take time, which doesn't come cheap. Try these time-saving tools and tricks to help keep your healthy resolutions
Between Bread and Healthy Place

Pack in flavor and nutrition without packing on the pounds
Build a Better Lunchbox

Unhappy eaters? Get kids involved in packing school lunches to underscore the importance of healthy eating
Before Diabetes

A change in diet and exercise are key when diagnosed with pre-diabetes. It could mean warding off the disease altogether
Trick or Allergy-Triggering Treat?

For kids with special eating needs, Halloween can be a scary – here’s how to take away the fright
Dear Breast Cancer Diary

Keeping a journal during the journey has countless mental and physical health benefits
Food Fact or Fiction?

Dieting trick or mealtime misperception? Read on
Brain Pump

How to keep the mind agile through better eating, exercise and fun
Feeling Flushed? Herbs to the Rescue

Can holistic remedies ease hot flashes?
Noodle Around in the Kitchen

Save money and maximize health with a new twist on pasta night
You Feel How You Eat?

Can the Mediterranean diet defend against depression?
Back, Now to High School

Transitioning to high school is a challenge – here are a few ways to help your teen.
First Comes Food

Trying to get pregnant? These 6 edible nutrients could increase the chances of conceiving.
Stroke Smarts

Knowing the symptoms and how to react could save a life.
Move It, Lose It, Win It

Beat the Afternoon Office Slump

Forget energy drinks and coffee. These healthful snacks will provide a boost at work … naturally.
Take Me Out to the Snack Bar

A summer trip to an outdoor sporting event could sabotage your diet. Here are the foul-ball foods to avoid.
Sleep to Fight Childhood Obesity

More sleep could prevent children from becoming overweight or obese.
Fear of the Gym

Gender-specific gyms don’t necessarily make it easy for people ashamed of their bodies to get moving.
Cancer and the Brain

Treatments and therapies are linked to memory problems.
Rise Above

Tips for parents to help a child deal with bullying and exclusion
To Crawl or Not to Crawl?

Some babies never master the art of all-fours movements – should it be cause for concern?
Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own

Be it for a parent or yourself, these five tips will help ease the transition to assisted living.
Celebrity Health: Memory

“Taxi” star and “Celebrity Apprentice” champion Marilu Henner users her Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory to live a better life. Find out why she thinks
Age Signs

A new clinical tool estimates long-term survivability rate among senior citizens.
Makeup the Difference

As women age, a change in cosmetics is vital to looking as young as you feel.
Here, There and Everywhere

Work. Family. Friends. Chores. Relaxation. TV. With so many things competing for attention it’s easy to lose focus – here are 6 ways to get it back.
Antioxidants on the Brain

Study suggests antioxidants may not reduce the risk of developing dementia or stroke
Tell Me Where It Hurts

A new website aims to put parents in control of a child’s pain.
Message Received Loud and Clear

A first-of-its-kind study of breast cancer message boards reveals the personal side of drug side effects
Making Better Food Choices, One App at a Time

Hot Cheetos and Takis don’t make great snacks for teens, but how do parents get their kids to make better eating decisions? There’s an app for that
Body By Jake

One look at Jake Pavelka’s daily routine makes it obvious why he’s in such great shape. Here’s how he does it
Talk To Your Doctor

Got medical questions? Don’t be afraid to ask. A good line of communication between patient and doctor are vital to good health
Don’t Make a Health Fumble On Football Day

With the big game just around the corner, make a healthy plan for how to snack right
Hide From Hidden Sodium

Snack attack? Take cover. The perils of eating too much salt are many
Heart App Attack

Phones and tablets to the rescue? With the greatest hearth healthy apps, a healthier heart is could be at your fingertips
Say ‘A-Ha’ – and – 'Mmm' To Weight Loss

A change in eating habits doesn’t have to be a bad-tasting thing
Slow and Steady Wins the Food Race

To avoid the high cost of tender meats, opt for cheaper cuts and break out the slow cooker
Be Lover, Not a Liar

Telling lies to make someone feel better is bad for everyone involved and the health of relationships, too
Look On the Bright Side

Use the belt-tightening of the slow economic recovery as a way to turn your life around for the better
Shop ‘til You Drop Less Money and More Pounds

As food costs continue to rise, experts weigh-in on how to stick to a budget and eat better food
How to Avoid the Trick-or-Treat Cheat

‘tis the season to be spooky … and eat candy. Don’t want to overindulge this Halloween? Follow these simple rules
Healthy Eating Habits, After School and Beyond

Teaching kids to make healthy snacks can lead to making healthy choices all day long
Saving for a Healthy, Happy Future

Financial responsibility plays a huge role in overall health, happiness and security, today and for the future
Kids, Concentration and the Distracting Cyber World

If you’re bracing for battles on homework and cyber distractions, here’s an easy out. Hand this article to your preteen or teen, and avoid the fight
Turn Up the Tunes for Physical, Mental Wellbeing

Whistle while you workout? Maybe not, but studies find music helps keep people motivated, happy and relaxed in all walks of life
There’s An App For What Ails You

Phones can make getting – and staying – healthy an easier proposition
How R U Feeling 2Day?

Text messages from your doctor? A new study finds post-op texting between doctors and patients could provide a quicker path to healing
FDA Goes BPA-Free

A recent federal ban of BPA (bisphenol A) in children’s bottles and cups has reignited concerns over how it effects young and old alike
Living Smarter Today for a Safer Tomorrow

Planning for the best in life? Then start by preparing for the worst with these safety must-haves
8 Inspirations to Stress Less for Better Health

Little things can have a huge impact on stress levels, blood pressure, and heart rate – try these easy ideas today
When the Problem is the Opposite of Overweight

Childhood obesity isn’t the only food-related problem facing kids. Here’s how to talk to your child about eating disorders
How to Be a Better-Health Nag

New research reveals people in committed relationships benefit from the effects of self-improvement suggestions – here’s how to do it nicely
Seven Ways to Save on Medical Bills

When it comes to health care, cutting costs without cutting corners is key
Whatcha Watching, Baby?

Toys and games to make your kids smarter? It takes more than a product to make your child smarter – it takes you. Try these five things you can do today to improve your child’s basic skills
Decoding What You Eat

Big words on food labels might raise a red flag or two, but not every unpronounceable, scientific sounding word is bad for you
Exercise On the Brain

Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, brain scientist, reveals why the mind is the ultimate gym – and how to get your’s in shape
Pain, Pain … Go Away

Living in the past is common, especially for those still unable to overcome hurt feelings. Here’s how to move forward

How Much Water Is Too Much Water?

Over-hydration is a real danger – here’s how to drink-up safely
Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wellness Coach

How to get the most from a personal wellness assistant
It Takes A Village To Grow Older Gracefully

Whether online or in line at the grocery store, social interaction is key to healthy aging

Type 2 Diabetes, It’s Your Time To Shine

Despite the controversy surrounding Paula Deen’s announcement that she has type 2 diabetes, the attention it brings to the pervasive illness could save lives
5 Steps to Waste Less Food

Shop smarter, plan better to save money and throw away less
Safety By a Nose

Despite two recent deaths, Neti pots are not to be feared… if used properly!
Sweets and Sour Bad For Children's Teeth

Sour candies as acidic as battery acid pose real risks for kids’ dental health
Don’t Go Donuts At Work

Cakes, cookies, candy and more – at this time of year the workplace can be hazardous for the health-conscious
Beyond Dip: Reinventing the Veggie Snack

Healthy snacks don’t have to be boring – here’s how to make eating well fun again
Work Up a Cold Sweat

Chillier temperatures mean new attire for outdoor fitness buffs – here’s how to stay warm
Not All Smokers Are Created Equal

New study suggests that the effects of smoking could be worse for women
Road Rules For the New Game Of Life

Money smarts aren’t just about making the right investment moves – it’s about staying positive, too
After the Fight

Is getting passion sparked by fighting a healthy way to end a fight?

Halloween Rules For Controlling Sugar Intake

Tips for parents to keep their kids from eating too much candy this holiday season
Curb the Stress of School Expenses

Advice for parents to manage the costs of after school and extracurricular activities
No Matter How You Slice It, Cooking Is Key

New research shows that those who cook reap the benefits
Strokes: What are the Warning Signs?

Understanding the symptoms of a stroke can save victims from serious damage
Oil-Fueled Prevention

Eating olive oil thought to ward-off disease, promote healing
Obstacles With Oncology For Newly Diagnosed Patients

A new study finds landing an appointment with a cancer specialist isn’t as easy as picking up the phone
On Love and Jealousy

How to express jealous feelings to a partner, how to use them as motivation and how to get over it
TV and the ‘Birds and the Bees’

Television can be pure escapism. But as one recent study shows, it can also be a powerful, healthful conversation starter
Building a Better Sandwich, One Veggie at a Time

Pack in a lot of flavor and nutrition without packing on the pounds
Tips to Trim a Table For Two

Empty nesters are prone to overcook for the kids that no longer live at home. Here’s how to adapt to feeding fewer folks
Older … Now What About Wiser?

Getting better with age starts with improving performances in the most important roles we play: parent, grandparent, spouse, employee and community member
How Not To Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Overcoming self-doubt means learning how to make the most of the inner critic inside all of us
A Look On the Bright Side of Pessimism

Sure, a good attitude is never a bad thing, but a bad attitude isn’t always a bad thing, either
Get Low

Average cholesterol levels are dipping, but doctors warn that pills are not the ‘magic bullet’ toward a long-term solution
Shop for a Healthy Heart

Government-approved labeling leads consumers to make better choices
Take My Advice, Please!

Parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and even strangers are quick to impart their wisdom. Here’s how to rebuke their well-meaning words
‘Ferris’ at 5?

How to tell if your child is playing sick
Revisiting and Revising New Year’s Resolutions

Forget the date on the calendar – it’s never to late to meet – or exceed – self-sanctioned goals
Eat Not: Foods to Avoid for Better Health

Whether trying to lose weight or trying to keep illness at bay, knowing which foods should rarely cross your lips can help you achieve your goals
‘Post’ Plan

With a new year on the horizon, it’s time to take back control of bad eating habits
Eat Up!

Food is everywhere this holiday season. Here's how to avoid it
13 Ways to Get Salty

Common table salt can be employed in some uncommonly useful ways. Get shaking!
Social Etiquette: The Next Generation

Consideration, respect and a little forethought are the key to good social media communication with loved ones
Redress Stress

It visits everyone from time to time. Learn how to make friends with this foe
Sharp as a Tack

How to keep the brain agile through better eating, exercise and fun
Holiday 'No" How

Food is coming fast and furious – here’s how to take a pass without hurting someone’s feelings
Little Big Fish

Make nice with not-so-fancy-schmancy shrimp
Keep the Home Fires Burning

A long-term relationship doesn’t mean you’re doomed to lackluster lovemaking – here are tips for transforming a snooze-worthy sex life into one that sizzles
Flu 2010

As this year’s flu season approaches, H1N1 gains post-pandemic status, and inclusion in the latest rounds of vaccines
Go, Kids … Go!

Whole body wellness is at stake when it comes to kids and exercise
Innocent Until Proven Delicious

Eggs, tuna and potatoes are just a few of the foods that aren’t as bad as their reputations make them out to be
Stop the High-Calorie Snack Attack

Simple tips for helping kids choose the right after school snack
It’s a Toss-Up

Summer’s sweet fling? Pasta and veggies
Menopause and the Modern Woman

Going through the changes of menopause can be an opportunity for women to focus on the self and change for the better
Gray Screen

Too much TV negatively impacts seniors’ wellbeing
Might as Well Face It, You're Addicted to Food

A recent study finds that brain mechanisms involved in compulsive eating are similar to those involved in drug addiction
Don’t Feel the Burn

How to avoid – and treat – damaging summer sunburns
The Right Way to Recycle

Know what you can and can’t throw in your recycling bin to avoid landing the whole lot in a landfill
Summer Safety for the Plate

Tips to keep your next outdoor meal safe from contamination
Eyes On The Road!

The warnings in recent PSAs about texting while driving aren’t just for teens
Crawl … Then Walk

Missing out on a major developmental milestone could lead to setbacks down the road
The Other Weight Epidemic

How to talk to your child about eating disorders
Eat As I Eat

Why parents should be a child's healthy-eating role models
Is My Child Fat?

It’s not easy for a parent to admit when a child has a weight problem, but here’s the bottom line
Off the Weight-Loss Wagon

Preparing for setbacks could put you on the fast track to success
Whatever Happened To H1N1?

Nearly one year after the first wave of outbreaks, some doctors are unsure
A Soul-Stirring Stack

Whip up a memory with homemade pancakes, blueberries not required
Care and Care Alike

As the number of Americans responsible for the care of a loved one increases, so does the need to reprioritize self-care
Plan Before You Run

Staying true to fitness goals requires a long-term vision
Inside the 'Baby Blues'

Understanding the part that maternal postpartum depression plays in infant development
Don’t Be a Chicken

Save money at the meat counter. We dare you
Look on the Bright Side of Dieting

A change in eating habits doesn't have to be a bad-tasting thing
'tis the Gear Season

Chillier temperatures mean new attire for outdoor fitness buffs - here's how to stay warm
Maybe Aspirin, Maybe Not

Taking one a day isn't safe for everyone - here's what you need to know
Veggie-centric, the Right Way

Anyone can benefit from a vegetarian diet, but not all vegetarian diets are created equal
The Whole Grain Truth

Just because it says 'whole grain' doesn't make it healthy - here's how to decode the label
For Richer or Poorer ... Without Anger

Lovers' spats that center on money can quickly erode a relationship. The cure? Listen up
Baby Love in the Time of H1N1

Moms-to-be and doctors are on high alert to protect both mom and baby from the swine flu - vaccine or no vaccine
5 Tips to Jump-Start Your Savings

Last we checked there was no bailout money for just folks. Are you saving enough?
Get Choked Up

More than an addition to your favorite restaurant's spinach dip, artichokes possess a potent cocktail of nutrients and flavor
Easy Does It: Get Supplement-Savvy

For reasons of cost and health, it pays to take a hard look at dietary supplements you may be taking
The Show Must Go On

Don't cancel Halloween on account of your child's food allergies - ensure a safe celebration with alternative treats, smart decisions and informed neighbors
A Potty Mouth for Pain Relief

Studies suggest swearing actually lessens pain
Head Smart

Despite strong reasons to wear them, nearly half of children who live in places without bicycle-helmet laws never don one
Brace Yourself

A new orthodontic device brings promise to shorter, more effective period for wearing braces
Eat Your Way to the Top

Adolescent athletes must eat properly to get the most out of their bodies on the track and field
Sharp as a Senior

A group of seniors was able to recall information eight months after being taught, a new study says
Berry Healthy

High-fiber, antioxidant-rich berries combat inflammation and hunger
Stressed Sick?

A niche field finds a tangible link between busy, stressful lives and debilitating illnesses
Rules of Attraction

Men agree on what they find attractive in women much more than women do in men, new research says
Good Gaming

Some video games may make children kinder and more willing to help - if they have the right content
Imbibe At Your Own Risk

With so many conflicting medical beliefs about the health benefits and risks of alcohol consumption, is there a safe way to drink?
Life In the To-do-list Lane

Family scheduling means more than making sure no one gets forgotten at baseball practice. Good organization can take time-crunch stress out of everyone's routines.
Book It!

Show your kids how fun - and educational - reading can be with these hot new volumes

Nearly one in ten children say they have been bullied through electronic means such as computers and cell phones
Fatalistic Attraction

A new study reveals beliefs that teenagers think they'll die young, leading them down the wrong paths
Wut r u sayng?

As text-ese worms its way deeper and deeper into the English lexicon, parents would be wise to learn translations for this new e-language
You Have Been Warned

Most kids say nothing when something is bothering them. Here are the warning signs to look for and how to get the information you need to help
What’s in an Ipilimumab?

A medical experiment strikes gold as doctors manage to eliminate two prostate tumors on what had been inoperable cancers
First-Time Fathers

Here are five tips from a boot camp for dads on what to do about crying, mood swings and the other challenges of being a father
How to Snack Right

Healthy snacks are the stepping stones that keep you on track
Get Your Vitamin D Here

Check out these foods to get more vitamin for your bite
The Cure for Summertime Blues

For a safe, rewarding summer, they key is to keep teens busy
Buzz Worthy

Caffeine doesn�t just get your mind moving in the morning � it just may provide positive brain benefits long term
The Dementia-BMI Link

Losing weight could be a sign of emerging brain issues
Keepin' It In Season

Don't lose sleep over it, but if you can eat local, your taste buds and family will thank you
Take a Load Off

Researchers find a link between being overweight early in life and decreased mobility in the elderly
Stress Goes ‘Boom’

Baby Boomers are experiencing unprecedented work-related stress due to the economic downturn. Learning how to cope could save your job and your health!
Friends in Healthy Places

Feelings of isolation can have negative impact on the health of seniors
Sweet Baby

A child's desire for sweets could directly impact growth
Seven Ways to Save on Medical Bill

When it comes to health care, cutting costs without cutting corners is key
If the Shoe Doesn't Fit ...

Children who wear shoes that are too small risk serious foot injuries
Tawdry Treats

The Internet isn't the only place where consumers are being bombarded by unexpected and unwanted gluttony
Daydream Believers

Trust in dreams often exceeds reality
A Craft and a Smile

Seeing the glass as half-full is only a knitting project away
Buff Brain

A new study links brain exercises to better memory
See and Say

Students more likely to speak up about dangerous behaviors when they feel connected to teachers, peer
A Needle in a Migraine

Stressed for Life

Bad 'Gossip'

Outgoing Personalities, Rejoice!

Sugar on the Brain

Diabetics get a mental boost from keeping blood sugar at a safe level
Back to Life

Cancer treatments may end, but the process of healing continues
Looking Through the Eyes of Food Love

Long-term compatibility can be challenged by incompatible eating habits
Who Can You Trust?

New relationships can't withstand breaches of confidence as easily as long-term romances, friendships
Eat to Better Living

What foods people intake could have a measurable impact on overall health
Slow and Steady

Eating speed could have a direct impact on obesity
Save Face

The secret to younger looking skin? A good SPF, a lot of TLC and, when all else fails, a good chemical peel
Hocus Focus

Work. Family. Friends. Chores. Relaxation. TV. With so many things competing for attention it's easy to lose focus - here are 10 ways to get it back
Pavlov's Snack

Tying emotions to food is a dangerous connection for parents to make for their kids
Scanning for Brain Age

A new study opens the door for early detection of Alzheimer�s disease
6 Steps to Eat Less

Try these simple ways to trim calories without noticing the difference
Veggies and the Shrinking Brain

Vitamin B-12 deficiency could lead to a loss of brain volume - what does it mean for vegetarians and vegans?
Buzz Kill

Parents and teens should understand the risks of energy drinks before the caffeine kicks in
The Happy Network

People with a strong circle of close-knit friends can spread happiness far and wide
Smooth ... Very Smooth

Smoothies are a great way to get your daily allowance of fruit, but also an easy way to unknowingly pack on the pounds
Slow, Tender, Cheap

To avoid the high cost of tender meats, opt for cheaper cuts and break out the slow cooker
Family Feud: Holiday Edition

Struggling to be polite. Straining to smile. Steering clear of potential arguments. Ah, the holiday family gathering
Shop 'til Your Bill Drops

Rising food prices don't have to mean bigger grocery bills
Alive and Will

Many see it as morbid, but the creation of a living will can make the future easier for loved ones
Six Tips for School Safety

Preparing your kids for possible dangers can make the school experience safer
Be A Kid Again

Maybe we did learn everything we need to know in kindergarten. Unfortunately we forgot all of those things...
Secrets, Lies and Other Stupid Moves

Unearthing a hidden past can put a relationship at-risk, but experts say revealing those secrets the right way can lead to healing
Not-So-Mean Girls

Movies skim over the benefits kids gain from being a part of a social circle
Make-up & Kiss Later

It's a film and television cliché that lovers' quarrels should end with a passionate reconciliation; but is getting hot when you're bothered really a healthy way to end a fight?
Introducing Showers ... Now Without Shame

Regardless of fitness level, one thing about fitness centers terrifies us all - the judging eyes of others in the locker room
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hair loss affects both men and women, and there are countless products on the market claiming to stop the loss and regrow your mane - is there hope on the horizon?
Got Gym-barrassment?

Gender-specific gyms don’t make it easy for people ashamed of their bodies to get moving
Dream Your Way to Success

Getting good grades means first getting a good night's rest
Smart as a Social Butterfly

Seniors with a jam-packed calendar could slow the progression of memory loss
Pound Prevention

Maintaining weight loss means increasing your daily dose of exercise
Stay Right Where You Are!

Local sights are popular, low-cost destinations for late-summer vacationers
Serene Screens?

When it comes to stress, study shows technology can’t top Mother Nature
It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Frazzled)

What with all of today's financial and social uncertainties, the world can be a pretty confusing place for the average person. Here's how to keep your worries in-check and feel prepared for life in 2008
Green Machine

Be it her greater career success or his trimmer physique, feeling inferior to your partner can lead to tension and in-house fighting. Here's how to express your feelings to your partner, how to use them as motivation and how to get over it
Everybody Burns

Experts suggest using skin protection regardless of the color of your skin
Not the Thought That Counts

Study shows motivation isn't enough when it comes to trans fat
More to Love

Excess pounds can create more than just a physical divide between couples. Here’s how to speak to your spouse without disrupting the house
Down, With Diabetes

New study shows link between depression and type-2 diabetes
Better Living Through Reality?

Experts say reality TV teaches many messages on health – but are they good ones?
Double Shift

Women who work during pregnancy face many obstacles – including themselves
Ground to Grill

Strike-up the fire and grab the veggies for a tasty, safer grilled meal
Cute Bag or Just Baggage?

More than worries are weighing us down. See how to lighten your load and give your shoulder a break
Taste the Health

At first bite not all good-for-you foods have the same great taste as their less-nutritious counterparts, but where there's a will there's a way to retrain the taste buds to love healthier fare
Married to Mom

A new study shows a successful man is more likely to wed a woman with an education level equal to his mother's
I've Got Spirit, Yes I Do!

Getting credit where credit is due is how to get ahead in the workplace, and how to feel good about a hard day's work
Memory Masters

They're young at heart and lifetime learners - a new study reveals that the minds of 70-year-olds are sharper than ever
Glossing Over the Facts?

Lip balms can do more than add color, taste good or cure blemishes. A new study shows they can be a determining factor in preventing skin cancer
Inactive and In Trouble

A new study shows that exercising in childhood is more than fun and games – it will impact the rest of your life
Under the Influence

A new study reveals many fathers-to-be continue substance use during their partners’ pregnancies, increasing the likelihood that Mom will again pick up the habit
Cool, Calm and Cohabitating

Blood pressure levels could be positively affected by the quality of a couple’s marriage
Birds of a Feather

Do younger siblings get all the breaks? A new study reveals how birth order in birds influences survival
Check Mate

In the search for love, security, romance and similar interests are compromised for good looks, money and power
Get Schooled

Safety is on every parent's mind, but those who know what to do can help prepare their kids for an at-school emergency
Flirty Mind

Steady relationships can benefit from the same winks and smiles that brought excitement to the first date

A recent study shows older men with Parkinson's disease have a greater risk of bone fractures
Shop for a Healthy Heart

Government-approved labeling leads consumers to make better choices
Begin to Hope

A new study reveals that even as symptoms of depression begin to dwindle, feelings of hopelessness can linger
Seven Steps to Less Stress

Stress can wreck havoc on lives. Here are seven easy ways to help you start worrying less
Depression Differences in Older Men & Women

Sex appears to have an effect on how susceptible people are to depression - and how likely they are to remain depressed
No More Food Fights

Getting kids to eat a healthy meal doesn’t have to be a battle of good versus evil
Pick a Toothpaste, Any Toothpaste

With a glut of different products promising to save your smile from ruin, a trip down the toothpaste aisle could end up taking hours. But what do those promises really mean?
Be Great in 2011

Want to be your best? Here’s how to improve your health, your career, your mojo and your potential
She Works Harder for the Money

New study reveals gender-based inequality in the workplace

Laughter eases the pain in more ways than one and could even add happiness to a relationship
Monday, Muddy Monday

Overcome the start-of-the-week blues with a few simple steps on the weekend
Avoid the Biggest Workout Blunders

Not enough water, too little stretching and lack of diversity top the experts’ lists of mistakes the amateur athlete makes when exercising
A Bridge Over Troubled Water Coolers

When office talk gets too steamy or controversial, even an intern has the right to say 'enough is enough'
Steps for a Happier Holiday with Your Family

When politics and ham don’t mix or Aunt Tillie asks – for the umpteenth time – why you’re still single, try these 4 temper-saving tactics to diffuse family disputes
Before You Go To Bed

Hate the hurried morning rush? Take care of these five simple tasks before you go to bed to make tomorrow a smoother ride
Tofu or Not Tofu?

Health-seekers are flocking to a versatile soybean product that offers both health and taste benefits
Predicting Alzheimer’s Risk to You

The Power of Positivism

How effective can a good attitude be in making your life what you want it to be? The sky’s the limit
What’s Your Grudge?

Hanging on to negative, resentful emotions can be physically and emotionally damaging. The secret to letting go is figuring out the source of the problem
Executive Coach Dr. Mary Stewart-Pellegrini

How to Really Find a Balance in the Workplace
The SAD Days of November

If you notice that your mood, energy level and motivation take a nosedive each November only to return to normal in April, you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Here’s how to keep your life on-track
New Information About Breast Cancer Recurrence In Young Women

New research shows the benefits of receiving an additional high dose of radiation
From Baby to Einstein

Toys and games to make your kids smarter? It takes more than a product to make your child smarter – it takes you. Try these five things you can do today to improve your child’s basic skills
Watch Your Mouth

That seemingly innocent afternoon snack could be doing a number on your teeth and gums – beware these 10 popular foods
Married Without Children

Countless reasons exist when couples don’t have kids, and being sensitive to the childless will save you face – here are five things to avoid
Resistance Isn’t Futile

Rubber cords and bands designed to build lean muscle have exploded on the fitness scene, but how do they compare to traditional weights?
Play Mind Games

Sharpening brainpower and increasing memory can be as simple as singing the wrong words to your favorite song, playing Sudoku or taking a trip
B-lieve in B-Vitamins

Even with a healthy diet plan, the chances of getting enough folic acid or folate are slim
Gossip Folks

How to understand – and avoid – gossip at work
Check-Up Confidential

For many patients, a visit to the primary care physician tends to be a one-sided conversation, but, say many doctors, it doesn’t have to be that way
How Does Your Helicopter Fly?

Is hovering over your child's every move causing more harm than good?
Stock-Up for Quick-Fix Meals

Avoid the takeout doldrums by having a large supply of easy-to-prepare, low-fat foods
Fiber Is the One

Sure, fiber can help you feel full and maintain a normal, healthy weight, but studies are also showing it’s a champion in the battles against colon and stomach cancer
Pull Yourself Together

Completing work and having fun don’t always have to be at odds – especially once you get your life in order
Dial-In for Weight Loss

From high-tech “diet” phones to telephone wellness coaches, more people are using cell phones to get the 4-1-1 on their health
Beyond Clutter

Your house doesn’t have to look like a neat-and-tidy department store display. Here’s how to be comfortable with the stuff among us
Next Up, a Gym for the Mind

Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, brain scientist
Understanding the Stages of Cancer

Doctors apply numbers to describe the severity of cancer, and understanding those digits can go a long way toward easing the minds of the afflicted
Book-It for the Summer

Encouraging kids to read over summer break keeps their minds sharp and fosters creativity. Here’s how, and why, to light a fire under their literacy
Goodbye, Negativity … Hello, Intimacy

Change your outlook to remove the ‘bad’ and improve even the closest relationships
Stay Safe for Summer

Accidents happen, especially during the carefree summer months. Avoid these common mistakes to keep loved ones out of harm’s way
You Food: Use Your Melon

If you think this fruit is a summer lightweight, you’re not giving melons, including cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon, their nutritional due
Fighting the New Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

With the number of sufferers expected to quadruple by the year 2050, researchers and scientists have isolated an antibody that could help treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease
End At-Work Stress for Better Health

Content workers are more productive and happier – getting there depends on learning how to cope with stress and a hormone called cortisol
Sneeze and the World Sneezes with You

Red eyes, wheezing and sneezing – these days it seems like everyone is allergic to something
The Importance of Being Angry

Short-term bouts of anger or indignation in stressful situations can be a healthy response – just learn to control the madness before it makes you crazy
Fitness on the Brain

The secret to staying mentally sharp as you age is to never stop learning, loving, dancing and maintaining a healthy diet
How to Say ‘No’ to Kids

Saying no to a child is beneficial for all parties involved. Follow these five steps to stand your denial ground
Caregivers Give More When They Get Help, Understanding


Marriage may cure that
Can Marriage Be Good for the Nerves?

Good husbands don’t get on their wives' nerves. They calm them, a study published in Psychological Science shows
For Women, Education Pays Off – But Not How You May Think

4 Simple Steps to Save $10K a Year

Here's how to reorganize your finances to bank over five digits in just one year without feeling deprived
Get Back to Taxes

Now that the annual deadline has come and gone, here are some great ways to improve your financial standing for the next go-round
Passion Tips for the Time-Crunched

Struggling to find time for intimacy? Try these quick-yet-quality steps to spice up your love life in minutes
Dear Friend: Why Writing Letters Still Matters

So what if mailing a letter to grandma isn’t as convenient as e-mail? Sending old-fashioned correspondence can keep your mind sharp, your loved ones close and your history intact
4 Simple Steps to the Perfect Night

Bring romance to life, and to your life, with a step-by-step plan to provide your partner with an evening to remember
Avoid Portion Distortion

Only a half a cup of ice cream is one. A quarter cup of raisins is one, too. And butter? One is only a single tablespoon. Find out why serving size matters most
Take My Advice, Please!

Parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and even strangers are quick to impart their wisdom. Here’s how to rebuke 'If I were you …'
4 Simple Steps to Cutting 300 (or More!) Calories a Day

Nobody wants to diet, but everybody wants to drop a few pounds. Try these calorie-cutting tactics to slim your waistline without major sacrifice.
BMI-Me Up?

Insurance companies, schools and the medical industry place an increasing emphasis on the body mass index as a beacon for overall health – but does it speak the truth about you?
Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Waiting for coffee, sitting on a plane, working in your office - everywhere you go people are ill. Here’s how to get their sickness out of your healthy path without being mean
Keep Your Family Safe from Contaminated Foods

Spinach, peanut butter and cantaloupe have all caused scares in recent months, but experts say safe food is usually one good scrub away.
Love (Yourself) After Weight Loss

After dropping pounds, many people have trouble seeing themselves – and their lives – as they really are
Four Simple Steps to Say ‘Not Tonight’

Whether it’s a headache or an early alarm call, rejecting a partner’s advances doesn’t have to be an automatic ego wound – or grounds for a late-night argument.
On the Clock

Are ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.' too antiquated for the workplace? Plus: are working moms held to a higher standard?
Are You Ready for Some 'Super' Football?

Super Bowl parties often devolve into raucous disasters. Here's how to keep yours spirited, yet civilized
Cultural Learnings of a Post-Borat America

How to make amends for acting inappropriately in public
The Guiltiest Meal

When kids head to school, their food choices aren't completely out of parental control
Decisions, Decisions

When having a choice leaves you no choice, here are problem-solving steps to help you make your mind up and keep it that way
Inconvenient Truths for Global Warming, Obesity

Both the USA and France score poorly when it comes to global warming smarts, but the French do have fat figured out.
Mind Matters

Bad habits are a form of defiance; Plus: Can Marijuana unlock lost memories?
Game On, Social Skills Over

If Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 are at the top of your kid’s wish list, there are more important things to think about than where to buy this hard-to-find gift.
You Feel What You Eat

Learn your mood-boosting foods from those that sap your goodwill and you’ll never eat wrong again.
Eating Out of Our Minds

'Mindless Eating' author Brian Wansink wants to revolutionize how we don’t think about food and get trimmer and healthier while not doing it.
For Success in Marriage, Let it Go

Painting an accurate picture of a relationship keeps newlyweds eternally blissful.
Are You a Sofa Spud?

Skipping the gym to stay home for pizza and TV can lead to poor self esteem. Here's how to curb your couch potato ways.
Great Expectations

Whether it’s planned or an emergency, before you head to the hospital, check out your expectations before you check in.
One 'No' at a Time

Keep tantrums at bay with these 19 strategies for making you a better parent of a better kid.
Oh, Grow Up!

Four things you thought you’d left in childhood ... but didn’t.
Working 9 to 5

It’s the stuff country songs and Sunday blues are made of, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 10 tips for enjoying your job again.
A World of Difference

Do you recycle but want to do more? Check out these environmentally healthy ideas to put your thoughts into action
From Waiting in Line to Lambasting Online

Jilted customers find power, voice on the Web
In a (Hot) Flash

Hormone-replacement therapy isn't the only method of surviving the change.
Battle Back-to-School Blues

Before summer skids to a halt, get your kids ready for the structured, nerve-wracking days ahead
Breathe In, Breathe Out

Want a clear mind? Need to breathe easy, faster? Yoga is tops for both
Hand to Mouth

Choose the right foods by confronting the skeletons in your dieting closet
Breathe Easy

Maximize the rise and fall of your belly to increase energy, lose weight and quiet your noisy head
Like Mother, Like Daughter

Brown eyes and good teeth aren’t the only things passed on through your DNA. Creating a family health tree is the best way to know what risks lie in your genes
Workout While You Work

Maximize your chores to get a cleaner home and a firmer body.
Bet on it: Gambling runs in families