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Have It All
Healthy cooking and exercising both take time, which doesn't come cheap. Try these time-saving tools and tricks to help keep your healthy resolutions

Look On the Bright Side
Use the belt-tightening of the slow economic recovery as a way to turn your life around for the better

When the Problem is the Opposite of Overweight
Childhood obesity isn’t the only food-related problem facing kids. Here’s how to talk to your child about eating disorders

Exercise On the Brain
Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, brain scientist, reveals why the mind is the ultimate gym – and how to get your’s in shape




Sounder Sleep in the Blink of an Eye
Sleep on it tonight with a few simple tips to fight insomnia

Redress Stress
It visits everyone from time to time. Learn how to make friends with this foe

Sharp as a Tack
How to keep the brain agile through better eating, exercise and fun

Fatalistic Attraction
A new study reveals beliefs that teenagers think they'll die young, leading them down the wrong paths

You Have Been Warned
Most kids say nothing when something is bothering them. Here are the warning signs to look for and how to get the information you need to help

Stress Goes ‘Boom’
Baby Boomers are experiencing unprecedented work-related stress due to the economic downturn. Learning how to cope could save your job and your health!

On the Body Clock
Researchers discover how 24-hour body cycles influence metabolism, aging

Friends in Healthy Places
Feelings of isolation can have negative impact on the health of seniors

Seven Ways to Save on Medical Bill
When it comes to health care, cutting costs without cutting corners is key

How to Handle Workplace Worries
A murky job market means an increase in employee stress - here's how to stop worrying and learn to love your work

Daydream Believers
Trust in dreams often exceeds reality

Sleep it Off

To Sleep, Perchance to Remember

A Needle in a Migraine

Stressed for Life

Bad 'Gossip'

On the Road Again
A neglected skill can snowball into an embarrassing conversation piece before you know it. Here's how one writer cut her losses, swallowed her pride and perfected helmet hair in the process

Outgoing Personalities, Rejoice!

Sugar on the Brain
Diabetics get a mental boost from keeping blood sugar at a safe level

Back to Life
Cancer treatments may end, but the process of healing continues

Depression's Missing Link Discovered
Inflammation could be to blame for increased risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks in depression sufferers

Slow and Steady
Eating speed could have a direct impact on obesity

Scanning for Brain Age
A new study opens the door for early detection of Alzheimer�s disease

Veggies and the Shrinking Brain
Vitamin B-12 deficiency could lead to a loss of brain volume - what does it mean for vegetarians and vegans?

The Happy Network
People with a strong circle of close-knit friends can spread happiness far and wide

Family Feud: Holiday Edition
Struggling to be polite. Straining to smile. Steering clear of potential arguments. Ah, the holiday family gathering

Not-So-Mean Girls
Movies skim over the benefits kids gain from being a part of a social circle

Introducing Showers ... Now Without Shame
Regardless of fitness level, one thing about fitness centers terrifies us all - the judging eyes of others in the locker room

Got Gym-barrassment?
Gender-specific gyms don’t make it easy for people ashamed of their bodies to get moving

Dream Your Way to Success
Getting good grades means first getting a good night's rest

Smart as a Social Butterfly
Seniors with a jam-packed calendar could slow the progression of memory loss

Serene Screens?
When it comes to stress, study shows technology can’t top Mother Nature

It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Frazzled)
What with all of today's financial and social uncertainties, the world can be a pretty confusing place for the average person. Here's how to keep your worries in-check and feel prepared for life in 2008

College Pep Talk
Preparing kids for academic success is more social than educational

I, Megaphone
Tired of feeling invisible? Learn to cheer on the confidence of an important person – yourself

Down, With Diabetes
New study shows link between depression and type-2 diabetes

Happy Parents, Safer Kids

Memory Masters
They're young at heart and lifetime learners - a new study reveals that the minds of 70-year-olds are sharper than ever

Sleepy Time
Contrary to popular belief, Americans average as much or more sleep than they did 40 years ago

Begin to Hope
A new study reveals that even as symptoms of depression begin to dwindle, feelings of hopelessness can linger

Seven Steps to Less Stress
Stress can wreck havoc on lives. Here are seven easy ways to help you start worrying less

Depression Differences in Older Men & Women
Sex appears to have an effect on how susceptible people are to depression - and how likely they are to remain depressed

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar
Keeping your cool can be ineffective – and unsatisfying – when confrontations come calling. Sometimes it’s better to get angry and get over it

In Case of Emergency
New parents should get finances, guardianship in order when brining a new life into the home

Laughter eases the pain in more ways than one and could even add happiness to a relationship

Monday, Muddy Monday
Overcome the start-of-the-week blues with a few simple steps on the weekend

Smells Like Keen Spirits
Lowering an elevated blood pressure or blood sugar can be as easy finding the right smell, taste or distraction

Skip Seasonal Stress
Prevent the holiday blues by moving, loving and lowering your expectations

Healthy – and Happy
Putting the fun into fitness isn’t that hard with a few new ideas and products

Finding the Face of Fear

Top Tips to Spot College Struggles
College can be a stressful time for young adults as they learn to navigate an independent new world. With kids headed home for winter break, experts offer tips to help parents help their children with the transition

The Power of Positivism
How effective can a good attitude be in making your life what you want it to be? The sky’s the limit

What’s Your Grudge?
Hanging on to negative, resentful emotions can be physically and emotionally damaging. The secret to letting go is figuring out the source of the problem

Executive Coach Dr. Mary Stewart-Pellegrini
How to Really Find a Balance in the Workplace

The SAD Days of November
If you notice that your mood, energy level and motivation take a nosedive each November only to return to normal in April, you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Here’s how to keep your life on-track

Express Yourself For Better Health
Whether stressed or ill, patients are beginning to look beyond talk therapy to finger-paints, and it just might be what the doctor orders

Play Mind Games
Sharpening brainpower and increasing memory can be as simple as singing the wrong words to your favorite song, playing Sudoku or taking a trip

Stereotypes May Help Autistic Kids

It’s Time To Get Some Sleep
The more we do, the less we sleep: That is making us sick

Pull Yourself Together
Completing work and having fun don’t always have to be at odds – especially once you get your life in order

Dial-In for Weight Loss
From high-tech “diet” phones to telephone wellness coaches, more people are using cell phones to get the 4-1-1 on their health

A Measure of Success?
With scales that promise to measure body fat, treadmills that give information about fat calories burned, heart rate and pedometers that measure every step, how accurate is the information and how can you chart your progress effectively?

Next Up, a Gym for the Mind
Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, brain scientist

Get a Kick Out of It
Like a lot of fitness trends, we jumped right on in with cardio kickboxing and had a lot of fun trying something new. That was then and this is now: Are you doing it right? Make sure you avoid injury and get all the benefits you’re working for

How Much Will It Hurt?
Maybe your fear of a painful colon exam is just in your imagination. Maybe that flu shot won’t hurt as much as you think. Doctors decode the science of pain in this by-the-procedure guide

Understanding the Stages of Cancer
Doctors apply numbers to describe the severity of cancer, and understanding those digits can go a long way toward easing the minds of the afflicted

Book-It for the Summer
Encouraging kids to read over summer break keeps their minds sharp and fosters creativity. Here’s how, and why, to light a fire under their literacy

Turn Tots Off of TV
Forty percent of 3-month-old infants are regularly watching TV, DVDs or videos – a number that jumps to 90 percent by age two. Here’s how to break your little one of a bad TV habit

Goodbye, Negativity … Hello, Intimacy
Change your outlook to remove the ‘bad’ and improve even the closest relationships

Heavier with Hormones?
Women frustrated by menopausal weight gain might be packing on pounds courtesy hormone replacement therapy

Fighting the New Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease
With the number of sufferers expected to quadruple by the year 2050, researchers and scientists have isolated an antibody that could help treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Booming at 60
The secret to staying vital after 60 isn’t finding the fountain of youth, it’s finding new ways to add joy and stimulation to life

The Importance of Being Angry
Short-term bouts of anger or indignation in stressful situations can be a healthy response – just learn to control the madness before it makes you crazy

Fitness on the Brain
The secret to staying mentally sharp as you age is to never stop learning, loving, dancing and maintaining a healthy diet

Passion on the Side
For those not choosing to make a living as a rock star, poet or baker, following your heart in your free time will still make life better, healthier

Marriage may cure that

Hard-Core College Drinking Leads to Trouble

Now You Know ...
Who or what to blame for failure to calm chronic headaches? It could be depression

Can Marriage Be Good for the Nerves?
Good husbands don’t get on their wives' nerves. They calm them, a study published in Psychological Science shows

Online Prayer Changes Things

Dear Friend: Why Writing Letters Still Matters
So what if mailing a letter to grandma isn’t as convenient as e-mail? Sending old-fashioned correspondence can keep your mind sharp, your loved ones close and your history intact

The Crying Game
Everyone needs to cry like a little kid from time to time, but location is key. Head to the annals of pop music to find out the best spot to shed a tear

Life After Fido
When is the right time to find a new friend after the death of a beloved pet? Take this quiz

You feel what you eat
Know your mood-boosting foods from those that sap your goodwill and you’ll never eat wrong again.