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Wild, Wild Workout Circuit
Need a change of pace? Try these new exercises sure to get your blood pumping and your mind excited to workout again

Are Wii Kidding Our Kids?
Researchers warn against using a popular video game system as an exercise replacement for children

Fitness By the Numbers

When Waste Reduction Means Waist Reduction
Shrinking an eco-footprint isn't just good for the environment - it can be good for the body, too

How Green is Your Workout?
Fitness enthusiasts looking to build an eco-friendly regimen need look no further than the great outdoors - and toxin-free gear

Are Wii Fit Yet?
Touted as a revolutionary unification of video games and exercise, the Wii Fit's foremost achievement is occasional sweaty fun

My Treadmill Is a Genius
Exercise equipment is learning to adapt to the user’s fitness level and needs

Ears Open
Athletes and their iPods are leaving the gym in favor of the great, warm outdoors, but can they hear you coming?

A Wii Bit Smarter?
New video games attempt to activate the mind, but even those in the business question whether the games really boost brainpower

Too Wired?
For some, technology makes living in the moment an insurmountable digital hurdle