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Veggie Bribes? There Will Be an App For That
A new in-development app helps parents to teach kids why good eating habits are vital

A Tangled Vegetarian Web
What every parent needs to know if a kid wants to become a vegetarian

Back to School and an Overloaded Back
Placing too much weight on a child’s back and shoulders – literally – could be putting children at risk

Through the Eyes of Reality
It’s not easy for a parent to admit when a child has a weight problem, but here’s the bottom line

Protecting a Child’s Smile, One Brushing At a Time
Pediatric oral health is on the decline – here’s how to make sure your kid has a healthy, happy mouth

Seven Ways to Save on Medical Bills
When it comes to health care, cutting costs without cutting corners is key

Whatcha Watching, Baby?
Toys and games to make your kids smarter? It takes more than a product to make your child smarter – it takes you. Try these five things you can do today to improve your child’s basic skills

She’s Got Cancer, He’s Got Stress
A new study finds that the stress male caregivers experience when a woman has breast cancer has many negative health consequences


First Comes Baby, Then Comes Belly
Post-pregnancy fitness and weight loss is a tummy-focused event. Here’s how to set goals and regain pre-baby form


Thank You, Thank Me
Rarely do we say or express thanks to the many people that deserve it, even on Thanksgiving. Here’s how to let those that impact your daily life know you’re grateful

How To Have a Happy Thanksgiving
Knowing how to diffuse tension will keep the holidays merry and bright

Halloween Rules For Controlling Sugar Intake
Tips for parents to keep their kids from eating too much candy this holiday season

Skip 5 Common Back To School Sicknesses
Tips to keep the family healthy this school year

Back To School , Better Than Ever
A better routine for eating and studying can prepare children for a better, more productive present and future

Life In the To-do-list Lane
Family scheduling means more than making sure no one gets forgotten at baseball practice. Good organization can take time-crunch stress out of everyone's routines.

Jar No More
In an effort to save money and better control what their kids are eating, more parents are turning toward making their own baby food

The Parent Trap
'Practice what you preach' is a tried-and-true motto when it comes to teaching your kids good eating habits

Sweet Baby
A child's desire for sweets could directly impact growth

Parents ... Unite!
A new study finds that when mom and dad are on the same page, behavioral problems decrease

Tawdry Treats
The Internet isn't the only place where consumers are being bombarded by unexpected and unwanted gluttony

It's a Family Tradition
Rituals create certainty in these uncertain times

The Parent Trap
Bad eating habits begin at home - and so do changes to improve the family diet

Put on a Happy Face

Dirty Mouth
Oral care for children varies depending upon out-of-pocket costs

In The Blood
For diabetics, diet and exercise are just the beginning of a healthy lifestyle

What Happened to Gym?
Lax physical education has multiple risks for kids

Eat to Better Living
What foods people intake could have a measurable impact on overall health

Slow and Steady
Eating speed could have a direct impact on obesity

Salute Your Family Tree
Knowing more than just the ailments that run in your family could keep you healthy for years to come

Here a Vitamin, There a Vitamin
Fortified vitamin drinks aren�t a foolproof solution to get your kids their daily nutrients

6 Steps to Eat Less
Try these simple ways to trim calories without noticing the difference

Buzz Kill
Parents and teens should understand the risks of energy drinks before the caffeine kicks in

A Tangled Vegetarian ‘Web’
What to do when your child no longer wants to eat meat

Smile for Baby
When there's a little one on the way, proper oral hygiene becomes more important than ever for women

Slow, Tender, Cheap
To avoid the high cost of tender meats, opt for cheaper cuts and break out the slow cooker

New 'Pyramid' for Preschoolers
New government guidelines assist parents in getting kids the right foods

Look Up
Use the economic downturn as a way to turn your life around for the better

Family Feud: Holiday Edition
Struggling to be polite. Straining to smile. Steering clear of potential arguments. Ah, the holiday family gathering

How to Say 'No Thanks' at the Holidays
Food is coming fast and furious - here's how to take a pass without hurting someone's feelings

Shop 'til Your Bill Drops
Rising food prices don't have to mean bigger grocery bills

Mother's Flu Shot Protects Newborn
A recent study shows that a prenatal flu shot can go a long way for an infant

Alive and Will
Many see it as morbid, but the creation of a living will can make the future easier for loved ones

Family Matters
Exercising with relatives keeps motivation, determination high

Snack Time
Teaching the basics of healthy snacking helps kids make good choices when eating alone

Six Tips for School Safety
Preparing your kids for possible dangers can make the school experience safer

Dream Your Way to Success
Getting good grades means first getting a good night's rest

Stay Right Where You Are!
Local sights are popular, low-cost destinations for late-summer vacationers

Better Living Through Reality?
Experts say reality TV teaches many messages on health – but are they good ones?

Stress and the Asthmatic Baby
Take a deep breath and let it out before reading this ¬– your baby will thank you.

The Day the Infertility Music Died

Double Shift
Women who work during pregnancy face many obstacles – including themselves

Under 21
With graduation and summer vacation around the corner, parents look to set effective boundaries for teens and drinking

Married to Mom
A new study shows a successful man is more likely to wed a woman with an education level equal to his mother's

Inactive and In Trouble
A new study shows that exercising in childhood is more than fun and games – it will impact the rest of your life

Under the Influence
A new study reveals many fathers-to-be continue substance use during their partners’ pregnancies, increasing the likelihood that Mom will again pick up the habit

Birds of a Feather
Do younger siblings get all the breaks? A new study reveals how birth order in birds influences survival

Get Schooled
Safety is on every parent's mind, but those who know what to do can help prepare their kids for an at-school emergency