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Group Sweat, Good Workout
For women, working out in groups could be key to long-term health and weight loss success

Eat, Sleep, Exercise: Home Gym 101
Looking to start a new fitness routine at home? Make sure you’re ready to put your best foot forward

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
Preparing to run a race takes patience, time and the right pair of shoes

Why Walking the Walk Matters
Better health is a few thousand steps away – here’s how to put one foot in front of the other the right way every day

Ask the Expert: Dr. John Ratey
Author of 'Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain' talks about the cognitive benefits of vigorous physical activity

Walking and Talking to Lose Weight
Walking groups put fitness first with friendship coming in a close second

Happy and Healthy
Have fun and get fit? At the same time? It’s possible

Sweat Equity
Raise the bar on workouts for better results

Let the Exercise World Spin
How to get a great workout with a hula-hoop

Skip Workout Mistakes Before You Run
Not enough water, too little stretching and lack of diversity top the experts’ lists of mistakes the amateur athlete makes when exercising

Dude, Where’s Your Running Shoes?
Barefoot running is a new trend, but is it one-size-fits-all solution for runners?

Belly-Up to Better Abs
Swap sit-ups for these simple exercises to build core strength

Don’t Look … I’m Exercising!
Gender-specific gyms don’t necessarily make it easy for people ashamed of their bodies to get moving


Exercise For the Ages
Ready to get moving again? Engaging in age-appropriate exercise presents a clear path to success

Get Hip Smart

Listen While You Workout
Athletes and their iPods are leaving the gym in favor of the great, warm outdoors, but can they hear you coming?

Healing Moves
Exercise aids in breast cancer recovery

Go, Kids ... Go!
Whole body wellness is at stake when it comes to kids and exercise

Abs-olutely Fabulous
Want six-pack abs? Then ease up on the sit-ups - seriously

Get Your 'Boot' On
Wanna get fit fast? Boot camp

Trend-spotting: Nordic Walking
Snow? No need. This fitness routine is all about the poles

Healing Moves
Exercise aids in breast cancer recovery

Arthritis, Meet Your Alternative
Traditional Chinese exercises and treatments provide a boost for the mind, soul and joints

‘Spare’ the Excuses
Bowling can be a great source of exercise for the fun-seeking fitness enthusiast

Water Works
H20 lovers, rejoice! Here’s the skinny on how to drop weight and get in shape in the water

A Farewell to Flabby Arms
If your underarms keep waving long after your hand has finished saying goodbye, these exercise are for you

Fit Girls (and Boys) Just Wanna Have Fun
Even the fitness buffs among us are in need of some childlike abandon. A look at the trendiest, most fun workouts for 2010.

Lifting Confidence
Weightlifting can boost breast cancer survivors’ self-esteem, body image and emotional health.

Femme Fatale Fitness
With roller derby and female football teams popping up all over the country, women’s full-contact sports are finally giving the tough a chance to get going.

Stretching After 40
Lengthening your muscles before exercising can limit injuries and stiffness.

On the Body Clock
Researchers discover how 24-hour body cycles influence metabolism, aging

Un-earning Your 'Stripes'
Stretch marks are almost a given for most moms, but is there an effective way to get rid of them for good?

Better Healthy Than...
Even when money is tight, health must remain a priority

On the Walking Path to Survival
The mind-body connection leads one breast cancer survivor to race her way to better health

Room to Breathe
Cessation programs, better air quality are keys to avoiding chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

In The Blood
For diabetics, diet and exercise are just the beginning of a healthy lifestyle

On the Road Again
A neglected skill can snowball into an embarrassing conversation piece before you know it. Here's how one writer cut her losses, swallowed her pride and perfected helmet hair in the process


What Happened to Gym?
Lax physical education has multiple risks for kids

Your Town, Your Playground
A new trend is getting people moving by utilizing public spaces

Your Cold, Cold Heart
Winter increases the occurrence of heart problems - here's how to cut the risks

Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Diabetes
A grouping of symptoms defined as 'metabolic syndrome' appears to increase risk for type-2 diabetes

Fitness By the Numbers

The Sounds of Sweat

Sweating With the Oldies
Health centers geared toward older adults offer both friendship and age-appropriate fitness

Getting Fit: A Pet Project
Fitness partners come in the unlikeliest of packages and, for pet lovers, with a wagging tail. Find out how these odd workout couples take the healthy road together for the betterment of human and animal

A Real Goal-Getter
Women so easily overextend themselves that they often neglect their physical and emotional health. Here's how to fix the nine biggest mistakes you're making every day

When Waste Reduction Means Waist Reduction
Shrinking an eco-footprint isn't just good for the environment - it can be good for the body, too

Back This Up
Eighty percent of Americans will suffer from back pain. Here's how to keep from being one of them

Backside Boosters, No Gym Required
A stronger, leaner rear-end doesn't mean you have to hit the Stairmaster. Try these simple exercises to tone your bottom at home and while you work

Family Matters
Exercising with relatives keeps motivation, determination high

Foot Traffic

Cardio, Kids and Cancer

Walk, Talk and Lose Weight
Walking groups put fitness first with friendship coming in a close second

Sweat Equity
Think You've got your workout worked out? Here are a few easy ways to raise the bar

Got Gym-barrassment?
Gender-specific gyms don’t make it easy for people ashamed of their bodies to get moving

My Treadmill Is a Genius
Exercise equipment is learning to adapt to the user’s fitness level and needs

Burnout Busters
Variety is the spice of any healthy workout-life that keeps boredom at bay and the calories burning

When the Heat is On
Extreme temperatures and exertion leave many people dangerously overheated – here’s how to keep your cool

Ready to Run
Preparing for a local race or marathon begins with a few important steps

Better Living Through Reality?
Experts say reality TV teaches many messages on health – but are they good ones?

Mommy’s New Body
Post-pregnancy fitness and weight loss is a tummy-focused event. Here’s how to set goals and regain pre-baby form

Five best heart-friendly cities for women:

Run this way

Well, What Do You Know?
It’s time for a check-up on your health and fitness savvy. Have you been keeping up? Look and learn.

Diversity Training
A motivational toolkit to keep you on the right fitness track