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Where Diets Fail, Supplements Step In
Millions of Americans take daily supplements, but are they worth their weight in good health?


1 in 15

FDA Goes BPA-Free
A recent federal ban of BPA (bisphenol A) in children’s bottles and cups has reignited concerns over how it effects young and old alike



Positively Healing From the Inside
An integrative mind-body-soul approach helps patients battle cancer


Get Smarter, Think FAST for Stroke Awareness
May is National Stroke Awareness Month – are you at risk?

And the Beat Goes On
A new study finds an EKG can predict heart attacks, but is it preventative?

Truth or Diabetes? Five Type 2 Myths Debunked
What you think you know about diabetes could hurt you, but the truth can set you on a course for better health

Tick, Tick, Tick
When it comes to lyme disease, the clock is ticking – here’s how to make sure ticks do no harm


Say ‘Ah’ For Better Health
Dentist can spot early warning signs of certain cancers, strokes and diabetes

Celebrity Health: Kristi Yamaguchi
Olympic medalist, Kristi Yamaguchi, speaks out about the dangers of influenza




Fighting the Good Fight Against Germs
Beat bad bacteria with these simple steps


Bone-Up to Avoid Osteoporosis
New information helps pre- and post-menopausal women avoid brittle bones

Let’s Talk About Mammography
Counseling, doctor-generated reminders increase screening rates in low-income women

Something’s Fishy
A new study shows that regular use of fish oil supplements may reduce risk of breast cancer

Get Me a Cancer Treatment, STAT!
A new study isolates a protein that turns healthy cells into cancerous ones

'Meta' Warning Signs
A new study uses a well-known condition to predict who might be at risk for postmenopausal breast cancer

The Pink Page
Breast Cancer Treatments Go Meta

On the Body Clock
Researchers discover how 24-hour body cycles influence metabolism, aging

Gut Reaction
Understanding the triggers of digestive issues leads to better individual treatment

Keep On Inhaling
A new study finds that the positive effects of steroid inhalers are not permanent

Better Healthy Than...
Even when money is tight, health must remain a priority

Buff Brain
A new study links brain exercises to better memory


Not-so 'Green' News for Cancer Patients
A new study finds mixed results for cancer patients using green tea as a method to decrease chemotherapy side effects

Seven Tips For Better ZZZ's
Sleep on it tonight with a few simple tips to fight insomnia


Sound Sleeper
A new device proves promising in the treatment of sleep apnea

Sleep it Off

The Pink Page
An Apple a Day ...

A Heart Warning Story
America's deadliest illness is also one of it's most preventable - here's how to take charge of your cardiovascular health today

On the Walking Path to Survival
The mind-body connection leads one breast cancer survivor to race her way to better health

Stroke of Fate
For most victims of strokes, there is hope both in prevention and immediate treatment. Traci Miller, a young mother of two, is living proof

Room to Breathe
Cessation programs, better air quality are keys to avoiding chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Sugar on the Brain
Diabetics get a mental boost from keeping blood sugar at a safe level

E-A-T ... That Spells 'Relief'
A balanced diet can keep you healthy, including these foods can help keep common ailments at bay

Depression's Missing Link Discovered
Inflammation could be to blame for increased risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks in depression sufferers


Combo Deal
A new study shows radiation therapy combined with a common form of breast cancer treatment improve survival odds


Soy Delicious, but is it Healthy?
The addition of soy into everyday foods can add up to too much of good thing

The Pink Page
Two new studies offer options to women looking to stop breast cancer before it starts.

Sleep Beat
Catching more shuteye could be a factor in keeping the heart healthy


Your Cold, Cold Heart
Winter increases the occurrence of heart problems - here's how to cut the risks

6 Steps to Eat Less
Try these simple ways to trim calories without noticing the difference

Bring Back the Heat
Could testosterone replacement therapy be Viagra for women? Not so fast, experts say

The PMS Drag
Puffing could increase the prevalence of premenstrual syndrome

Go With the Grain
Whole grains linked to better heart health - here's how to sneak more into your daily diet

Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Diabetes
A grouping of symptoms defined as 'metabolic syndrome' appears to increase risk for type-2 diabetes

Cancer 'Older' than Sheryl & Christina

Gendered Puffery
Cancer risk increases in smokers and women are more sensitive to impact, research shows

Back This Up
Eighty percent of Americans will suffer from back pain. Here's how to keep from being one of them

Mother's Flu Shot Protects Newborn
A recent study shows that a prenatal flu shot can go a long way for an infant

A Brief Pause for Menopause and Heart Disease
An increase in testosterone levels during menopause is linked to a higher risk for heart disease

Trick or Cavity?
Overindulging in Halloween candy doesn't have to mean an expensive dentist visit for your kids

Smells OK, but What About Bacteria?
Contaminated produce is a relatively new issue but it quickly has created a formidable challenge for producers and consumers trying to detect bad food before it hits the dinner table

Be Corny

Twinkle, Twinkle Healthy Eyes

In the Know
Study shows breast cancer patients, particularly minorities, are unclear on treatment outcomes

Waist Away
Put simply, your waist should be less than half your height. Focus on tightening your mid-section today not only to fit into your skinny jeans, but also to cut your risk for hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and cancer

Obesity Charged with Increased Cancer Risk
A new study shows a drastic increase in cancer deaths for people with a high body mass index

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Superbug!
Antibiotic-resistant MRSA is on the rise and concern is at a fevered pitch -what do people need to know when checking-in to the hospital, in order to check out healthy?

Run for Prevention
For young women on the run, researchers say lacing up your tennis shoes can do more than keep your heart healthy – it can help prevent early breast cancer.

Tough Guys, Brittle Bones
Osteoporosis is a silent yet dangerous disease, especially for men

Good Hearted Towns
New study ranks cities according to heart health

Down, With Diabetes
New study shows link between depression and type-2 diabetes

Stop! Healthy Bones Ahead

Keys to the Cell


(Don’t) Feel the Burn
Dealing with sun is a daily endeavor. Find out when people forget protection but need it the most

Gender Gap in Heart Health
Differing symptoms and treatments keep women at a disadvantage following cardiovascular events

Clean Bill of Health
When it comes to a hospital stay, asking the right questions can help prevent infection

Mind Your Mammy
Not all mammograms – or doctors – tell the same story

Lowest of the Low
Average cholesterol levels are dipping, but doctors warn that pills are not the magic bullet toward a long-term solution

A recent study shows older men with Parkinson's disease have a greater risk of bone fractures

Check Early, Save Your Life
Detecting colon cancer in the earliest stages increases the chances of survival dramatically. Here's what you need to know