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Have Your Martini and Drink It, Too
Bottoms up! Low-alcohol drinks are a healthy trend for 2013

Don’t Get Hit By a Smoothie Criminal
Blended fruit drinks are healthy, but everything in moderation

Be Thankful For a Healthy, Flavorful Feast
Eating better at Thanksgiving doesn’t mean not enjoy the best meal of the year – here is how to have your pumpkin pie and eat it, too

Plan An Attack For Better Eating
Putting healthy meals on the table requires more forethought than good intentions


Happy Eating With Type 2 Diabetes
Focusing on the negatives of a diabetes-friendly diet is unnecessary considering how many delicious options there are for dinner


Where’s Monday’s Beef
Going meat-free one day a week is a growing trend that has both health and environmental benefits


You Are What You Eat
With stress a big buzzword for these economic times, what you eat can make a difference in how often you feel it

After ‘Thanks’, Discipline Rules the Day
As fun as it is to indulge for a day, it’s important to get back on track with diet and exercise after turkey day. Here are five easy ways to help make up for your day of gluttony

Going Nuts For Better Health and Weight Loss


Plum Satisfying
This summer, good old-fashioned prunes (aka dried plums) are an easy, affordable and delicious way to fill up, feel good and get fit

Everybody’s Eating For the Weekend
Eating right is easier during the workweek but once the weekend rolls around, all bets are off. Here’s how to live-it-up on the weekends without ruining a diet

Breaking the Soda Habit, Kid Style
Tips to help parents change the drinking habits of children

Here Veggies Come to Save The Day
New studies look at how eating certain vegetables can reduce cancer, cognitive decline

When to Go Organic
Eating the best foods available are good for physical health but not always financial health. Here’s how to pick and choose

Eat to Prevent Cancer
You are what you eat when it comes to warding off cancer, especially when what you're eating is processed foods and deli meat

Chemo with a Side of Bananas
Cancer patients often suffer from a lack of appetite, but overcoming eating obstacles is key to recovery

The Dish on Eating Out Guilt-Free
Restaurant dining doesn’t have to spell dieting disaster – here’s how

Got Non-dairy Milk?
Almonds, rice, hemp and coconuts are just a few of the options in the increasingly popular milk-substitute market. But are they as nutritious as the real deal?

6 Snacks for an Energetic Workday
Forget energy drinks and coffee. These healthful snacks will provide a boost naturally

Go Nuts for Weight Loss and Heart Health
Adding nuts to a diet can be enormously beneficial if done responsibly

Look on the Sunny-Side Up
A cancer-recovery recipe from Rebecca Katz, author of ‘The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen’ (Celestial Arts, 2009)

6 Reasons Why Your Diet Isn’t Working
These weight loss “tricks” might actually be derailing your downsizing efforts.

Innovative Veggies, In a Stack

Grand Advice
Thinking about meddling in your grandchild’s poor eating habits? Read this before you speak to save face – and maybe a relationship or two!

Worth Your Weight
What incentives would it take to get you to lose a few pounds?

Sweet Baby
A child's desire for sweets could directly impact growth


Breathe Easy with Broccoli
A new study finds a protective link between broccoli and respiratory ailments

Gut Reaction
Understanding the triggers of digestive issues leads to better individual treatment

Tawdry Treats
The Internet isn't the only place where consumers are being bombarded by unexpected and unwanted gluttony

Short-order Kids
Picky eaters can keep the eager-to-please parent running wild in the kitchen, but experts warn it could be a problem deeper than preference

The Parent Trap
Bad eating habits begin at home - and so do changes to improve the family diet

Better Healthy Than...
Even when money is tight, health must remain a priority

Heart Swimming
Omega-3 fatty acids prove beneficial for the heart, too

Salt=Bad, Potassium=Good

The Pink Page
An Apple a Day ...

In The Blood
For diabetics, diet and exercise are just the beginning of a healthy lifestyle

E-A-T ... That Spells 'Relief'
A balanced diet can keep you healthy, including these foods can help keep common ailments at bay

Eat to Better Living
What foods people intake could have a measurable impact on overall health

Soy Delicious, but is it Healthy?
The addition of soy into everyday foods can add up to too much of good thing

Sweets and Sour
Sour candies as acidic as battery acid pose real risks for kids' dental health

Go Green On the Inside

Here a Vitamin, There a Vitamin
Fortified vitamin drinks aren�t a foolproof solution to get your kids their daily nutrients

6 Steps to Eat Less
Try these simple ways to trim calories without noticing the difference

Veggies and the Shrinking Brain
Vitamin B-12 deficiency could lead to a loss of brain volume - what does it mean for vegetarians and vegans?

Buzz Kill
Parents and teens should understand the risks of energy drinks before the caffeine kicks in

Go With the Grain
Whole grains linked to better heart health - here's how to sneak more into your daily diet

A Tangled Vegetarian ‘Web’
What to do when your child no longer wants to eat meat

Smooth ... Very Smooth
Smoothies are a great way to get your daily allowance of fruit, but also an easy way to unknowingly pack on the pounds

Slow, Tender, Cheap
To avoid the high cost of tender meats, opt for cheaper cuts and break out the slow cooker

How to Say 'No Thanks' at the Holidays
Food is coming fast and furious - here's how to take a pass without hurting someone's feelings

Fish, Longer Breastfeeding Lead to Better Development
Women who eat low mercury fish have babies with higher cognitive and motor levels

Snack Time
Teaching the basics of healthy snacking helps kids make good choices when eating alone

Salad Bar Ahead
How to navigate the salad bar to actually get a healthy meal where you most expect it

Caffeine Craze
Health officials are cracking down on the energy drink business for not properly warning their consumers

Teaching Kids About Food to Cut Costs
Planning lunches with children offers parents a teaching opportunity for both nutrition and cost-savings

Go Bananas
B-A-N-A-N-A-S for cake? Warren Brown, author of "Cake Love: How to Bake Cakes from Scratch" (Stewart, Tabori & Chang), can help even amateur bakers whip up a versatile, fruity delight ... tonight

30 Days to a Better You
One small adjustment a day keeps life's little snafus away - and can get you on the right track in no time

Divine Dessert

Candy Every Healthy Body Wants
New offerings promise to satisfy the sweet tooth and provide essential vitamins and nutrients, but do so-called 'functional candies'

Eat Chocolate, Stay Healthy
Try these recipes that incorporate the foods you love with nutritional virtues you want:

Please Pass the Pears
Go healthy and go exotic with the Roasted Pear and Arugula Salad with Pomegranate-Chipotle Vinaigrette

Love in the Dark
For years health experts have lauded the health benefits of dark chocolate - here are the reasons why

Five Inside: Banana Twinkies

When Brains Attack
Understanding the symptoms of a stroke can save victims from serious damage

Beverage 2.0
Add-in nutritional supplements have turned water, soda and fruit juices into modern health elixirs. But do the benefits outweigh the costs – or the sugar?

More to Love
Excess pounds can create more than just a physical divide between couples. Here’s how to speak to your spouse without disrupting the house

Very Berry Super
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Not so much. Heroic? Most definitely


‘Does this Vacation Make My Butt Look Big?’
Avoid putting on pounds while on vacation by eating the right foods and quantities

‘Bad’ Foods Make Good

Eating Under Peer Pressure
Who you eat with can have a big impact on how and what you eat. Here’s how to stay true to your healthy-eating plans regardless of the influences dining around you

Ground to Grill
Strike-up the fire and grab the veggies for a tasty, safer grilled meal

Beyond the Five-Day Diet
Eating right is easier during the workweek but once the weekend rolls around, all bets are off. Here’s how to live-it-up on the weekends without ruining your diet

Taste the Health
At first bite not all good-for-you foods have the same great taste as their less-nutritious counterparts, but where there's a will there's a way to retrain the taste buds to love healthier fare

With experts watering down water's effectiveness, it may be time to rethink the rush for eight glasses a day

Tart at Heart
A new study shows there may be strong link between tart cherries and cardiovascular health

Slim Down For Spring
The sun is coming out of hiding and so should you. Recover from winter weight gain in just a few simple steps

Part-time Organic
Balancing the health of your figure with the health of your finances can be difficult, but not impossible, when shopping upscale produce

Sweet Relief
Chocolate, coffee, honey and pistachios provide a fix that extends beyond mere indulgence

Phone it in
A new study shows a telephone could be the secret to keeping weight off after it's lost

Lowest of the Low
Average cholesterol levels are dipping, but doctors warn that pills are not the magic bullet toward a long-term solution

Live Aid
Probiotics come in many shapes and sizes and are now being added to a wide variety of foods

Eating in the comfort zone
Our love affair with food boils down to one simple thing: What makes us feel good. But can we have comfort food without the calories? TV chef G. Garvin shows the way

Drink to Live
Water works hard for you. Do you work hard for it?