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Diagnosis: Cheerleader
How to help your partner cope with chemo

Is There a Doctor in the Store?
Grocery stores and pharmacies are evolving into one-stop shops for a remarkable range of food and medical needs. Here’s how to get the care you deserve.

A Craft and a Smile
Seeing the glass as half-full is only a knitting project away

Got Sick Kids?
Not all over-the-counter medicines are safe for children - here's how to play it safe and keep them healthy, too

The Family that Rocks Together Stays Together
Music-making video games provide a stress-reducing outlet that can band together the whole family

Smile for Baby
When there's a little one on the way, proper oral hygiene becomes more important than ever for women

New 'Pyramid' for Preschoolers
New government guidelines assist parents in getting kids the right foods

Under 21
With graduation and summer vacation around the corner, parents look to set effective boundaries for teens and drinking

Begin to Hope
Relatives of Parkinson’s sufferers are more likely to experience depression but experts say following these five tips offers many reasons for hope