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Winter Glow
Here’s the proper way to pamper dry, cold-weather skin

Stretch Marks the Spot
What causes stretch marks, how to prevent them and what to do about them

Say Cheese
With a glut of different products promising to save your smile from ruin, a trip down the toothpaste aisle could end up taking hours. But what do those promises really mean?

What’s On Your Face?
A know-all’s guide to choosing the safest, best skin care products

The Heat is On
The latest and greatest info on how to prevent sunburn, photoaging and skin cancer this summer and beyond

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ... Who Is That?
Overcoming body image issues when the person in the mirror has cancer

Live Big
Tips for how to stand tall in the world from 4'2" author, Lauren Ruotolo

Un-earning Your 'Stripes'
Stretch marks are almost a given for most moms, but is there an effective way to get rid of them for good?

Save Face
The secret to younger looking skin? A good SPF, a lot of TLC and, when all else fails, a good chemical peel


Without Sun, In Style
Sunglasses are the rare fashion-statement that has benefits beyond beauty

Pound Prevention
Maintaining weight loss means increasing your daily dose of exercise

Everybody Burns
Experts suggest using skin protection regardless of the color of your skin

Cute Bag or Just Baggage?
More than worries are weighing us down. See how to lighten your load and give your shoulder a break

Glossing Over the Facts?
Lip balms can do more than add color, taste good or cure blemishes. A new study shows they can be a determining factor in preventing skin cancer

Eats-inspired Spas
Hot new treatments add some culinary flair to relaxation

High Fashion Health Hazards
Wearing high-heeled shoes and carrying heavy purses could be the causes of what ails the fashionable woman

No Wrinkles, In Time

When Fashion and Ecology Collide, You Are What You Wear
“Most of the clothes we buy are the byproduct of an industrial process or the growth of fibers like cotton and wool that are grown in some pretty nasty ways.” — Alex Steffen, executive editor of the Seattle based Web site worldchanging.com

Facial Awareness
Some skin conditions need special care. The next time you pamper yourself with a facial, consider this ...

The Zap Factor
The story behind high-tech zit zapper Zeno

Protecting Your Summer Skin
Taking care of your skin, the human body’s largest organ, isn’t about just one summer; it’s about ensuring you have healthy, happy summers for many years to come