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Alternative Treatments for Arthritis
Traditional Chinese exercises and treatments boost the mind, soul and joints

Stick A Pin It and Call Me In the Morning
From menstrual cramps to infertility to wrinkles, find out how and why some well-placed needles could be just what you need to get the power flowing

Star Power
Whether you’re a doubter or a devotee, daily horoscopes fill some basic human needs.

How to Add 77 Years to Your Life … Maybe

Where Penny-pinching Meets Life & Death
Cutting health care expenses can be achieved without cutting doses and doctor visits – here’s how!

Jar No More
In an effort to save money and better control what their kids are eating, more parents are turning toward making their own baby food

Smells Like Adult Spirit
A new study finds teen angst can set the stage for health problems later in life


The Parent Trap
'Practice what you preach' is a tried-and-true motto when it comes to teaching your kids good eating habits

Cheers to Drinking Less
A new study finds that women who drink to impress might want to rethink their tactics

A Little Bit Country ...
For kids with asthma, greener pastures could diminish symptoms, attacks

Breathe Easy with Broccoli
A new study finds a protective link between broccoli and respiratory ailments

Daydream Believers
Trust in dreams often exceeds reality

A Craft and a Smile
Seeing the glass as half-full is only a knitting project away


After the Fall
More than 20 million medical visits are made each year due to in-home injuries - here's how to play it safer

A Needle in a Migraine

Bad 'Gossip'

Cheers to Your Health
A new study links moderate drinking to better health in seniors

Insulin and Cancer
Insulin levels tied to increased breast cancer risk

Vitamins with a Side of Vitamins
Fortified foods can lead to too much of a good thing - especially in light of recent findings about the efficacy of vitamins in disease prevention

Life In An Alternative-health Universe
Integrative medicine is combining the benefits of western medicine with the likes of acupuncture and herbal medicine for a new method of healing

Got Sick Kids?
Not all over-the-counter medicines are safe for children - here's how to play it safe and keep them healthy, too

Miracle Grow
New hair restoration treatments offer hope beyond the bottle

The PMS Drag
Puffing could increase the prevalence of premenstrual syndrome

Celebrity Health: Suzanne Somers
A TV icon turned thigh master sets her sights on bettering women's health through better hormones

When Waste Reduction Means Waist Reduction
Shrinking an eco-footprint isn't just good for the environment - it can be good for the body, too

Exercise in Disguise
New ‘exercise pill’ mimics fitness effects, but to what extent?

Rubbed the Right Way
As it turns out, that romantic, stress-relieving backrub could cure what ails you

On Pins and Needles
Acupuncture isn’t limited to the crunchy-granola set any more. From menstrual cramps to infertility to wrinkles, find out how and why some well-placed needles could be just what you need to get the power flowing

Just a Teas?
Researchers still question the actual benefits of drinking tea, but tea lovers don't mind

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